NTSB Ranks Progress on 'Most Wanted' Recommendations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration received mixed ratings on its progress in the National Transportation Safety Board’s Most Wanted safety recommendations.

The NTSB released its revised Most Wanted safety recommendations after the board decided to overhaul the program in May. It assigned issues color classifications to illustrate the agency’s progress on recommendations.

Red indicates “unacceptable response,” yellow means “acceptable response, but progressing slowly,” and green signifies an acceptable response and progress.

It rated the FMCSA green for preventing motor carriers from operating if they use vehicles with mechanical problems or allow unqualified drivers to drive.

But the board assigned the agency a yellow rating for its prevention of medically unqualified drivers from operating commercial vehicles. Its recommendations include tracking all medical certificate applications and enhancing oversight of invalid certificates.

The board will review recommendations to states and industry next fall.

The revised Most Wanted brochure is available at www.ntsb.gov.