The Long, Lonesome Road

I’ve just finished reading [Editor Randy Grider’s November 2003 column] titled “Distant Love.”

A year ago I lost my mom on Christmas day. I was out in Washington state. My best friend paged me, and I called him ASAP. When I hung up I called [my bosses].

I told them I needed a plane ticket to West Virginia because my mom died. They told me no, that I had to stay with the load until we were done unloading. So I never got to see my mom or dad before they were put in the ground.

My two boys have not spoke to me for 14-plus years. My life is hell. My wife left me three years ago. I have no one. We were married 13 years. I’m very lonely. I’ve tried everything. I’m 50. The state of Ohio sold the house and everything in it. Even my belongings were sold. What I got in the truck is all I got. I live in the truck with a 1-year-old cocker spaniel.

Dana Clinton
St. Paul’s, N.C.

Thanks, We Look Great
We wanted to write and thank you guys for the awesome article featuring our show truck in the Shell Rotella SuperRigs competition in the August 2003 issue. We loved the index, and we both decided, of all the magazines we have been in, your article and pictures are the best! A lot of people have told us they would love to see our interior, so maybe we will see you in Louisville this spring. Thanks again.

Rusty and Tina Wyrick
Mansfield, Ohio

Going to the Dogs
I was asleep in my truck this morning south of Dover, Del., at a little truckstop when I was awakened by several dogs barking. A standard-size red Volvo had parked next to me, and the driver had one large dog, two mid-sized yappers and a small dog he had let out of the truck. You would think the truck would be crammed with all that in there, but he also had two kids (on a school day) and a woman with him. Some people really know how to abuse a rider and pet policy. Now I understand why some companies don’t have them.

And there were about a dozen trinkets hanging from the visors and stuff all over the dash. I can only imagine what the bunk looked and smelled like with all that in there. The driver’s side window was dirty from dogs’ paws and noses all over it. The guy himself was kind of greasy looking. You would think some people would have the least little bit of pride in their truck even if it is a company truck. It makes me wonder about the mentality of someone who has to have his family along for him to be comfortable. He probably fit some stereotype people have about truckers.

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Bob Harris
Norman, Okla.

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