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Trailer Suspension System
The Holland Group has introduced a new trailer air suspension system with a radical new axle alignment component, and a new fifth wheel.

The CB400 Air Suspension/Slider System with Swing Align is aimed at the North American van and reefer market. Swing Align “provides the quickest and most convenient axle alignment” in history, says Holland. Simply turning a bolt that threads through a new bushing will move an axle back into alignment. The Swing Align is used on only the driver’s side of the trailer.
Holland’s extensive casting experience, developed through years of fifth wheel coupler manufacturing, was used to incorporate a new cast trailing arm beam into the CB400.

The company’s new fifth wheel is the FW17, which is lightweight but also allows for a maximum amount of top plate flexibility to accommodate shifting loads, the company says. The FW 17 also uses a patented release mechanism that requires less force than other fifth wheel released says the company. The FW17 can be installed new or used to upgrade tractors.

The Holland Group

Oil Absorber
Like a sponge, the Abzorb Oil Mat will soak up more than one gallon of oil and other fluids over time when placed under your vehicle’s engine, says its manufacturer. The mat’s non-penetrable backing prevents permanent concrete stains caused by oil and other fluid leaks.

The charcoal gray mat collects oil for proper disposal. The mat is made of technologically advanced material, similar to what is used to clean up oil spills on the ocean. This durable material will not tear or disintegrate even after becoming saturated. The product is guaranteed for three years against tearing, cracking and oil penetrating the backing of the mat.

There are more than 24 other uses for the Abzorb Oil Mat, says its maker, such as using it under your BBQ to protect your patio from food oils or as a workbench cover. The Abzorb Oil Mat is available for $15.95 (3′ x 3′), $19.95 (3′ x 5′) and $31.95 (3′ x 8′) plus shipping.

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Anti-corrosive Plug
The new Quick Connect Plug Assembly is the latest offering in Phillips’ Sta-Dry line of anti-corrosive products.

Featuring a molded housing, the plug resists calcium and magnesium chlorides and protects against salts and fuels, the company says. A replaceable cartridge comes coupled with the molded end. This allows mechanics and drivers a simple and fast way to change a damaged plug end. Both ends contain the same easy-to-change cartridge, and a mechanic or driver can change a plug end in less than two minutes, the company says.

The new QCP Assembly features resistance to contaminants and diesel fuels, machined brass pins and patented large finger grips.

Phillips Industries
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Poly Products
Spray Control Systems offers two new Minimizer products – M9900 TPO poly fenders and the under body poly toolbox – made of paintable polyethylene material resistant to chemicals, heat, cold, bumps and dings.

The fenders come in four standard colors: black, white, silver-gray and red. Custom colors are available on fleet orders. The total weight is 20 pounds per axle.

Spray Control Systems
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New XM Receiver
XM Satellite Radio offers the new XMCommander, an XM receiver that works with any AM/FM car stereo.

XM has selected TERK Technologies, the leading aftermarket satellite radio antenna manufacturer, to distribute XMCommander to retailers nationwide. XMCommander is an all-in-one package featuring a compact controller with display screen, an ultra-thin XM Micro Antenna, a full-function remote control and a small, hideaway tuner box. The XMCommander works with all AM/FM car stereos regardless of make, brand or year. The controller is sized and styled to seamlessly integrate with the dashboard of most vehicles, including high-end luxury cars.

The device offers the new XM feature TuneSelect, which automatically alerts listeners when a favorite song is playing on any of XM’s 101 radio channels. The unit allows the listener to preview channels before selecting. It has a two-line display, direct-channel entry and 30 channel presets, and scan-and-jump features. It also has RCA line outputs for optional direct connect.

The suggested retail price for the device is $159.99.

XM Satellite Radio

Cat Batteries
The Caterpillar line of maintenance-free Premium High Output batteries is now available with increased Cold Cranking Amp capabilities for a variety of on-highway applications. The new ratings at 0