What has been your most important accomplishment in life?

Robert Hurd
USA Truck
“When I was called back to be an assistant instructor in medical records at a school I graduated from.”

Tony Heflin
McCollisters Mayflower
Little Falls, Minn.
“Getting my family out of debt.”

J.R. May
Blacksburg, Va.
“The birth of my first child.”

Edward Wilson
U.S. Central Express
“I gave a guy some money to get across the toll booth.”

Ben Oshell
Irvona, Pa.
“The day my daughter was born.”

Keith Cutler
Findlay, Ill.
“Being married for 30 years to the same woman.”

Charles Jones
Jordan Carriers
Utica, Miss.
“Being able to conduct myself as a professional driver.”

Reginald Gaines
Boyd Brothers
Thomasville, Ala.
“The day I got divorced.”

Robert Lewis
American Eagle
Reserve, La.
“Coming back from Vietnam in one piece.”

Gerry Stinson
Jackson, Miss.
“Finishing school.”

Frank Hopp
John Christner
York, Pa.
“I’ve went over 4 million miles with only one accident.”

Chas Everett
Covenant Transport
Jena, La.
“Moving to Louisiana to help my parents. They come first.”

Norman Bobo
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
“When my son was born.”

Scotty Bullock
Western Express
Tallulah, La.
“When my two sons were born. It seemed like I did something right.”

Louis Jackson
Grenada, Miss.
“To help anyone I’m able to. I like to help people.”

James Benfield
Aldan Corp.
Merryville, La.
“Being able to run up to see my dad and family.”