Wire Protectors

Phillips has three transparent wire-protection products available in its new and improved, field-tested Clear-Vu line.

The Clear-Vu junction box is designed to easily accommodate ABS and ISO cables in a durable, transparent housing. Any sign of corrosion can be easily detected and dealt with before it becomes a downtime problem. Cable pass-throughs are grommet-protected, adding an additional level of corrosion resistance and the termination points are stainless steel.

The Clear-Vu battery cable is a rope-stranded cable that has a durable, flexible, transparent coating. The cable is available in five gauges, from 6 to 2/0.

Phillips’ Clear-Vu shrink tubing is an abrasion-resistant, shrink-tube wire covering. The product, available in clear and three colors, permits a visual check for corrosion and wire integrity. The tubing is available in 6-inch lengths that provide visible protection for wires of 22 to 1 gauge.

Phillips Industries
(800) 423-4512
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Roadranger Website
Roadranger has updated its website, www.roadranger.com, to provide broader, faster customer support and improved information on Eaton Fuller and Dana Spicer products in the Roadranger System.

It includes these new features:

  • A “print-on-demand” feature that allows users to have service and parts documents printed at a Kinko’s store for same-day pick-up or free delivery.
  • A reorganized warranties section that allows customers to view individual coverage for registered Roadranger products.
  • An improved “frequently asked questions” section.
  • An updated library of Roadranger literature.
  • An enhanced “Roadranger E-News” interactive newsletter subscription service for twice-monthly updates on new products, service and parts.

    Plans are also underway to expand the “Roadranger Store” (www.roadrangerstore.com), which offers a limited range of service products, said Roadranger Marketing Services Manager Don Alles.

    Roadranger Marketing
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    International 8500 Goes Automatic
    International Truck and Engine Corp. recently announced the availability of a new automatic transmission in its model 8500 regional-haul tractors.

    The MD-3066, built by Allison Transmission, is a fully automatic, five-speed overdrive transmission designed for precise alignment with the International HT 530 high-torque, diesel engines that power the International 8500. International says this collaborative, in-step design ensures precision shifting with no power interruption, which means faster route times with less driver effort and better fuel economy.

    International Truck
    and Engine Corp.
    Allison Transmission
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    Kinedyne Chains
    Kinedyne Corp., a supplier of cargo control systems for the trucking industry, has expanded its line of Grade 70 transportation chain and accessories.

    The product line now includes 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch chains in 16-, 20- and 25-foot assemblies with grab hooks on each end, plus bulk chain in barrels and clevis grab hooks. The 5/16-inch chain is rated at a breaking strength of 18,800 pounds and a working load limit of 4,700 pounds; the 3/8-inch chain is rated at a breaking strength of 26,400 pounds and a working load limit of 6,600 pounds.

    Accessories include both standard and heavy-duty ratchet binders that adjust from 23 inches to 30 inches hook to hook; standard and heavy-duty lever binders; a recoilless binder that features an anti-kickback handle; and a steel corner protector.

    Kinedyne Corp.
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    Cool Rigs Calendar
    BFGoodrich announced its 2003 Cool Rigs Calendars are available for free through BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tire dealers. Also available for free download at the company’s website is a screen-saver version of the 2003 winners.

    The winning rigs are Class 6 through Class 8 trucks that are in commercial use. Winners were chosen based on creativity and originality of design. Each photo is displayed over two months on the calendar. The six winners are: Guadalupe Valenzuela Aguilar – Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico; Dean and Joyce Burington – Arlington, Iowa; Jean Paul Laliberte – Valcourt, Quebec, Canada; Rick and Linda Lindeman – Racine, Wis.; Loren Miller – Omaha, Neb; and Glen and Janice Rice – Rockford, Ill.

    BFGoodrich Commercial Tire Dealers
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    Temperature Monitor
    TempTracker, a wireless temperature monitoring and reporting device, is designed to help refrigerated and frozen food haulers move perishable food products at the appropriate temperature and provide the documentation to certify the product was kept at a temperature required to meet food compliance standards.

    Used with Cadec’s Mobius TTS onboard mobile logistics management system, the new TempTracker audibly and visually warns the driver if the temperature in the trailer does not meet the pre-determined standards set by management. By sounding an alert before the temperature reaches an unsafe level, drivers have the ability to react in a timely and proactive manner. TempTracker can display temperature discrepancies by date, vehicle, trailer or driver.

    Cadec Corp.
    (800) 252-2332
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    Spring Brake System
    The Haldex/Anchorlok Life Seal is designed to eliminate the major causes of spring brake failure by sealing the emergency brake chamber when contaminants migrate into the spring chamber.

    The Life Seal requires no vent holes, no air filters, no caging tool plug and no external breather tube. Rather, air is exhausted via an internal valve through the vehicle’s air system.

    “The Life Seal is the most advanced double diaphragm spring brake available today,” said Chuck Kleinhagen, president of Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems. “The Life Seal was designed and developed to extend service life, in addition to providing the lowest life cycle costs of any spring brake.”

    Haldex offers an unconditional 6-year, unlimited mileage warranty on the spring brake.

    Haldex Commercial
    Vehicles Systems
    (800) 643-2374
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    Fuel-Efficient Tires
    Michelin now offers two new fuel-efficient tires for the new Volvo VN truck.

    The new Michelin XDA Energy dual tire is a drive-axle tire designed for long wear and fuel savings, and is available in a low profile 22.5-inch size. According to Michelin, the tire can offer 1 to 2 percent savings versus existing fuel-efficient duals and up to 5 percent fuel savings versus existing high mileage drive duals (depending on vehicle configuration).

    The Michelin X-One XDA wide single tire is available in a 445/50 R22.5 size that is interchangeable with dual low profile 22.5 tires with hub-piloted assemblies on tandem axles. The company says it delivers 3 percent savings compared to existing fuel-efficient duals and up to 7 percent versus high mileage drive duals (depending on vehicle configuration).

    Michelin North America
    (864) 458-5000n
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    Tire Sealant
    Fre-Bar Inc. has developed a new sealant that can prevent flats, stop leaks and seal punctures up to a quarter inch in diameter. The company says that Bar’s Leaks Tire Stop Leak and Sealant can save drivers money by cutting downtime.

    To use, simply release the air from any tire, squeeze in the proper amount of the formula and inflate the tire. This will protect the tire from future punctures and leaks. If the tire already has a leak the flexible fibers of the product will create a seal to eliminate it. Tire Stop Leak is a permanent coating for tires, and contains inhibitor additives to protect steel wheels against rust and to protect aluminum rims from pitting.

    Fre-Bar Inc.
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