How do you stay safe on the road?

Allan Cook
Waggoners Trucking
Gaston, S.C.
“I mind my own business.”

Cody Taylor
Danny Herman Trucking
El Paso, Texas
“I make sure I get plenty of rest.”

Ronnie Pierce
“I pay attention and stay awake.”

Randy Massey
Reading, Pa.
“I pay attention, use my turn signals, and watch my speed.”

Teddy Windham
L. Garner Trucking
Bay Springs, Miss.
“I get plenty of rest.”

Griffin Gary
Newberry, S.C.
“Stay alert, and don’t drive over the speed limit. Watch other vehicles as well as yourself.”

Ron Lucier
JB Hunt
Paragould, Ark.
“I play the game by the rules and get my rest.”

Mike Cheney
Danny Herman
Las Cruces, N.M.
“Watch what I’m doing, and I pay attention to what’s going on around me. And I pull over when I’m sleepy.

Scott Shirey
Waggoners Trucking
Swansea, S.C.
“I watch where I go and what I’m doing.”

Wade Williams
Estill, S.C.
“Watch my following distance, and I let the flow of traffic pass by. I constantly watch my mirrors.”

Wesley Spann
McElroy Trucking
Sumter, S.C.
“Always watch for trouble.”

John Powell
PAM Transport
Longview, Texas
“I pay attention, make sure I get my eight hours and drive the speed limit.”

Wayne Lites
“Get plenty of sleep and watch your speed.”

Craig Sorkness
JB Hunt
Jacksonville, Fla.
“I stay away from bad weather.