Deep-Tread Radial

Bridgestone’s new R260F deep-tread steer radial has a 22/32-inch tread depth. The extra tread depth is designed for long wear in the high-scrub environment of urban and regional hauling. The R260F’s tread is also wider than standard.

The radial includes a patented Bridgestone innovation to prevent irregular wear. Small ribs alongside the main ribs absorb irregular wear forces. The tire also has thick protector ribs on both sidewalls to fight curbing. Both sidewalls are ribbed, so if one set of protector ribs is worn away, the tire can be reversed on the wheel for continued protection.
The tire is available in standard and low profile sizes, with “G” and “H” load ratings, for 22.5 and 24.5-inch wheels.

(615) 391-0088
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Rear Impact Guard
TransFreight Technology’s CushionStop rear impact guard incorporates a hydraulic shock absorber-spring combination that absorbs energy when a trailer is hit from the rear. It pivots downward and toward the front of the trailer on impact. It can also allow the bumper to recover to its original position undamaged, the maker says.

TransFreight Technology
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Truck Cable
The Tuffline Straight Cable Assembly is a new addition to Whitney Blake Company’s Tuffline truck cord series. The new truck cable is an interconnect system designed to meet the rigorous, heavy-duty demands of the trucking industry. The Tuffline Green truck cord meets the highest power requirements of ABS and the general purpose red cable assembles to SAE. Each truck cable is pre-engineered with abrasion resistance, extension life, sag-resistant coil memory and resistance to road salt.

Whitney Blake Company
(802) 463-9558
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ABS Traction Control
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems’ new antilock brake system with Smart ATC offers an automatic traction control system that can distinguish between, and respond to, two of the most demanding traction scenarios: accelerating uphill and driving into a curve. Smart ATC responds with the appropriate level of traction control for each situation, giving more power to the driver when warranted.

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As with standard ATC, wheel-speed sensors instantly detect a spinning wheel and send a signal to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to adjust the amount of torque to the wheels through engine speed and differential braking.

Bendix Commercial
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Pebble Finish Bedmats
Koneta’s Protecta Heavy Weight Bedmats now feature a pebble finish to prevent cargo shifting and improve the appearance of a pickup truck bed.

Made of Nyracord, an almost indestructible blend of rubber and strong synthetic fibers, Protecta Heavy Weight Bedmats also have raised ribs to make loading and unloading easier and a knobby underside to help air circulate. Custom fit sizes are available for all popular pickup truck models.

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Cummins ISL available in Pete 320
The Cummins ISL engine is now available for order in Peterbilt’s low-cab-forward Model 320.
The Cummins ISL is lightweight, yet provides ample power and reliability, the company says. The engine also features a patented high-pressure fuel system that delivers high injection pressures, independent of engine speed, for enhanced throttle response, fuel economy and emissions reduction.

The 320 is available with the Cummins ISL in ratings of 310 horsepower with 1,050 pounds-feet of torque and 330 hp with 1,150 pounds-feet of torque. The engine is standard with the Horton Drivemaster fan clutch and a Cummins 18.7 CFM air compressor. Available options include a Jacobs C-brake, Cummins engine protection system, Allison HD Series transmissions and Eaton-Fuller transmissions

Peterbilt Motor Co.
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Solar Charge Controller
VDC Electronics Inc. has developed a “Smart” Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) solar charge controller-desulphator. The BatteryMINDer model SCC005 protects batteries from over/under charge while optimizing the solar panel’s charge rate.

A patented high frequency pulse circuit continually desulphates the battery’s storage plates, allowing batteries to safely accept the highest possible rates of charge in the shortest time, VDC says. Because of its pulse type output and hi-lo temperature compensation, model SCC005 BatteryMINDer can be used on all types and brands of solar panels and lead acid batteries including deep cycle and sealed AGM. It is warranted for five years with an expected life of more than 10 years, the company says.

VDC Electronics Inc.
(800) 379-5579
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Tire Sealant
Fre-Bar Inc. has developed a new sealant that can prevent flats, stop leaks and seal punctures up to a quarter inch in diameter. The company says that Bar’s Leaks Tire Stop Leak and Sealant can save drivers money by cutting downtime.

To use, simply release the air from any tire, squeeze in the proper amount of the formula and inflate the tire. This will protect the tire from future punctures and leaks. If the tire already has a leak the flexible fibers of the product will create a seal to eliminate it. Tire Stop Leak is a permanent coating for tires, and contains inhibitor additives to protect steel wheels against rust and to protect aluminum rims from pitting.

Fre-Bar Inc.
(800) 521-7475
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Recessed Toggle Switch
Cole Hersee Company’s Recessed Toggle Switch for off-highway vehicles mounts in the cab or body and prevents accidental actuation by the driver or any other person. It is ideal for alarm and emergency switches, and other important switches that are not used often, the company says. The switches are used in situations where accidental actuation could cause a hazardous or unwanted situation, such as a hose rewind on an oil delivery truck, or for release of a hoist or tailgate.

The Recessed Toggle Switch is comprised of a standard toggle switch centered at the bottom of a plated steel bowl measuring .892 inches deep. The steel casing fits into a 2-inch diameter hole and has an outer rim diameter of 33/16 inches (81 mm). The rim also has 3 holes for mounting.

Cole Hersee Company
(617) 268-2100, ext. 103
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Portable Air
Taylor Made Environmental’s Cruisair ASSCX10 air-cooled air conditioning system for vehicles has been successfully tested to military standards for vibration in the mobile environment.
The ASCCX10 is a 10,300 BTU self-contained AC-powered air-cooled air conditioner for trucks, RVs and other vehicles. The unit was tested to the MIL-STD-810F, Annex C standard, which reflects exposures for U.S. highway truck conditions.

The air conditioner is designed for sleeper compartment installation to provide air conditioning when the truck is not running. The compact chassis contains the compressor, condenser, evaporator coil, squirrel cage blower and electrical box. The cool air is ducted to one or more grill in the compartment. A digital switch assembly and thermostat is mounted on the wall in a convenient location. The unit runs on AC power, supplied by shore power hookups or an onboard generator.

Taylor Made Environmental
(804) 746-1313
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