Freightliner Upgrades

Changes to Freightliner’s Classic and Classic XL trucks include a new chassis design currently in production that the company says will offer a smoother ride, quieter performance, improved maneuverability and a stronger frame.

The new Classic XL offers a 132-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab measurement and the new Classic offers a 120-inch BBC design. Changes include a new leaf-and-a-half taper-leaf front suspension with a lower dynamic rate for bumpy roads. The Freightliner Airliner front air suspension is now available on the Classic XL. Rear air springs that are larger than before smooth the ride, and the air-ride cab mount is standard on the daycab.

The company has re-engineered the exhaust system’s sound damping and added a quieter clutch linkage design. Front cab mounts will soften vibration, and the new rear cab air ride suspension and improved engine mounts will lessen sound and add comfort, Freightliner says.
The chevron-shaped engine mount, which uses natural rubber, and the front cab isolator housing both contribute to less vibration. Sound-dampening materials are in the cab floor and firewall for less interior noise, says the company.

Most of the axle configurations have better maneuverability because of the new narrow, high-pressure steering gears, which give tires more space to turn, says Freightliner.

The new Classic XL chassis introduces stronger steel frame rails and aluminum front casting.
Both models can be ordered with Detroit Diesel or Caterpillar engines. The truck’s chassis offers larger radiators with more cooling capacity for the new engine designs. Radiators with a maximum of 1,400-square-inch frontal areas are available for maximum engine cooling.

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Dual-Rate Alarm
Cole Hersee Company, a manufacturer of heavy-duty electrical, electronic and digital products for the vehicle industry, now offers a dual-rate alarm for trucks. Connecting to any two remote switches, manual or automatic, the alarm emits an intermittent tone at one of two different rates, audibly identifying the switch. Typical applications include: headlights, door ajar, low fuel, high/low pressure, high/low temperature, etc., making it a versatile switch. The dual rates of the alarm tone are approximately 60 cycles/minute and 120 cycles/minute.

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Measuring approximately 2 inches long, the alarm has solid-state construction protected by a molded plastic shell. Designed for 12-volt systems, the alarm fits a standard sealed beam connector or Packard connectors, or accepts individual blade connectors.

Cole Hersee Company
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Oil-Cleaning Centrifuge
Spinner II Products’ new 900 Series oil-cleaning centrifuges were created to combat increased soot loads in lubricating oil.

Spinner II centrifuges remove soot from oil by centrifugal force and store the debris in a cleanable bowl. New 900 Series centrifuges are reengineered with improved flow path dynamics, longer dwell time and other enhancements, resulting in a 37 percent increase in particle removal efficiency. The cleanable bowl of 900 Series centrifuges is 50 percent larger. This increases storage capacity, allowing longer service intervals, less maintenance and more in-service time for trucks.

Spinner II 900 Series centrifuges have high flow rates to keep soot from accumulating in the oil. The Model 960 processes 120 gallons per hour, while the Model 936 processes 60 gallons per hour.

Spinner II Products
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Self-Cleaning Brake System
Webb Wheel Products Inc. and Lynnfin Truck Technologies, Inc., say they have created a self-cleaning brake system, a combination of Webb’s new series of brake drums, called the Webb BTS Brake Drums, and Lynnfin’s BrakeTurbines.

Lynnfin’s BrakeTurbines decrease the surface temperature of the brake friction material to increase brake torque by up to 18 percent, the company says. The Webb brake drums are contoured to accommodate BrakeTurbines, which causes a cooling, cleaning stream of air between the drum and friction material. Multiple ribs on the brake drums create more surface area for improved heat dissipation, and special vents in the brake drum allow heat to escape. The BrakeTurbines are positioned behind these vents to keep materials out and blow out hot air, brake dust and other debris.

Webb Wheel Products Inc.
(800) 633-3256

Lynnfin Truck
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Tool Storage Units
“Ultra-yellow,” a color once available only for special orders, is now a standard color on Snap-on KRL tool storage units.

In addition to Ultra-yellow, the units are available in red, black, royal blue and cranberry. Ultra-yellow replaces the teal option.

Snap-on Tools Company
(877) SNAPON-2
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Series 611T Alignment System
Hunter Engineering’s Series 611T Alignment System incorporates Hunters’ exclusive WinAlign HD alignment software, a computer and Microsoft Windows 98 SE operating system to deliver alignment features specifically designed for heavy-duty truck, trailer and bus applications.

WinAlign HD software provides step-by-step procedures and instructions. The software supports 33 heavy-duty axle configurations and dozens of truck/trailer, bus and dolly manufacturer configurations. WinAlign HD also includes a database of OEM specifications as supplied by major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. By collecting and comparing the alignment measurements of the tested vehicle with the database specifications of that specific vehicle type, WinAlign HD automatically calculates and displays all alignment measurements in a color-coded format. This shows the technician which angles are out of specification. Any needed adjustments can be made by using the bar graph targets to guide the technician to proper alignment.

The 611T Alignment System utilizes an Intel Celeron 566 MHz (or greater) processor, 64 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive, an internal DVD drive, 3D video card and a printer. A choice of 27-inch, 19-inch or 17-inch color monitors is available.

Hunter Engineering Co.
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Manual Dump Valve
A manual dump valve is now available with Right Weigh’s model 310-64-M onboard scale. Having the gauge and dump valve located together will save time and eliminate the expense of an extra box, the company says. The introductory price on this gauge and valve system is $175.

A universal hanger is also available for this model. The 310-64-M is mounted in a universal hanger made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum and attaches to a crossmember by drilling one hole. The price for this package is $200. The 310-64 was designed for use on tandem axle air suspension systems using a single leveling valve, but can be adapted for use on single or tri-axle trailers by using a different gauge.

Right Weigh Inc.
(888) 818-2058
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Sirius Antennas
TERK Technologies Corp. has launched two Sirius Satellite Radio antennas specifically for trucks and recreational vehicles. Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts 100 channels of music and entertainment, including 60 channels of commercial-free music and 40 channels of news, sports and entertainment programming.

TERK offers two options: a mirror mount application (SIR4-MM) or a clip-mount application (SIR4-CLIP). Both antenna solutions are designed and engineered to receive the Sirius signal while meeting the extreme demands of trucks and RVs.

These antenna designs have been tested and approved to stand up to the most severe weather conditions and survive high-vibration road conditions, the company says. To ensure continuous cross-country reception, both antennas perform with dual-mode functionality, receiving simultaneous signals from satellite and land-based repeaters.

As with the rest of the TERK antenna line, the SIR4-CLIP and the SIR4-MM are packaged with all necessary mounting hardware, cables and connectors to ensure compatibility with all Sirius-ready equipment.

TERK Technologies Corp.
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