What would you do if you came face to face with Saddam Hussein?

Lee Rottler
United Van Lines
Melbourne, Fla.

“I’d probably kick him in the knee.”

Tommy Herron
USA Truck
Shreveport, La.
“I’m retired military. He wouldn’t be long for this world. A lot of people don’t seem to understand the right of freedom. There’s no place like the United States of America.”

Donald Dean
Elma, N.Y.
“Probably not much, really. Try to keep the man around, detain him. If I didn’t have a weapon, I couldn’t do much.”

Doug Moore
Trans-First, Inc.
Cottondale, Ala.
“If I was in a predicament and came face-to-face with Saddam Hussein, I would have a canon in my pocket, and I would kill him.”

Gary Taylor
Marshall, Ill.
“I think the question would be what would it take to resolve the differences between our nations. I would ask him why he has taken the stance against our country.”

Jay Proctor
Loomis, Calif.

“I probably wouldn’t recognize him. I’d just think, ‘Hey, that guy looks an awful lot like Saddam Hussein,’ so I probably wouldn’t do anything.”

Frank Olguin
North American Van Lines
Bandera, Texas
“You’re asking a retired military man. I’d probably shoot him.”

Bill Sullivan
Beebe, Ark.
“First instinct? Assassination. I believe he’s done enough in the world community that if he’s not going to accept an exile, he needs to be removed from the world community.”

Joel Macha
“Depends on whether or not I could get my hands on him.”

William White
Lake Charles, La.
“Shoot him in the head.”

Harold McKinley
Elizabethtown, N.C.

“First I’d try to capture him and ask him to give up. I would try to talk him down.”

Debbie Crawford
USA Truck
Killeen, Texas
“Call the proper authorities, I guess.”

Mike Bustamante
San Antonio
“I’d probably kill him. I’d find a stick, knife, whatever.”

Bobby Couch
Church Hill, Tenn.
“I probably wouldn’t kill him because I’d go to jail. I guess I’d hold him until the cops got there.”

Glenn Hope
Teton Transport
Charlotte, N.C.
“You don’t need to ask me that – I’d probably beat his [butt].”

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