Two-Pedal Transmission

Eaton Fuller’s new UltraShift 10-speed fully automated, two-pedal heavy-duty truck transmission features computer-controlled shifts.

Eaton Fuller’s new UltraShift 10-speed fully automated, two-pedal heavy-duty truck transmission is based on the company’s 10-speed “B” ratio transmission and is offered in four torque capacities from 1,050 pounds-feet to 1,650 pounds-feet.

The UltraShift 10-speed will feature computer-controlled shifts, a patented automated mechanical Eaton Fuller DM AutoClutch that uses a 151/2-inch, two-plate design with industry-standard ceramic facing material, a high-capacity inertia brake that speeds automated up-shifts and serves as a clutch brake, and clutchless float shifting between gears.

The UltraShift 10-speed allows drivers to use the transmission in full automatic mode or with manual intervention, depending on conditions and driver preference.


3D American Flags

Jamestown Plastics’ new line of three-dimensional American flags measure 181/2 inches wide by 111/2 inches high and mount to virtually any hard, smooth surface without drilling or other alterations to the display surface.

The flag’s 3D design makes it highly visible from all angles. The colors will not fade over time and will withstand extreme winter and summer weather conditions, the company says.

Jamestown Plastics

PreSet Ductile Iron Trailer Hubs

Consolidated Metco’s new PreSet ductile iron trailer hubs are designed specifically for trailer applications where weight savings is not an issue, says the company.

PreSet hubs use spacers to positively set the bearing clearance and the addition of long life seals. The hub and its components are precisely machined to exacting tolerance, including higher precision bearings. The optimum bearing setting is guaranteed and retained for the serviceable life of the hub assembly.

The process eliminates the need for traditional wheel end adjustments that can cause excessive bearing preload or endplay. Excessive preload can result in premature bearing failure while excessive endplay can result in wheel seal wear, ultimately leading to oil leakage and contaminated brake linings.

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Consolidated Metco

New colors in Chassis Saver

Magnet Paints’ Chassis Saver, a direct-to-rust chassis paint and underbody coating, is now offered in antique-satin black and silver-aluminum as well as black.

The new colors are ideal for vintage car and truck enthusiasts, professional restoration shops and fleet managers, the company says. Satin Black can help restorers looking to keep things original.

Chassis Saver requires no primers or topcoats and can be applied directly to rusted metal with a simple wire brushing. Chassis Saver dries to form a hard coating that will not crack, chip, flake or peel. It chemically bonds to rusted metal and is unaffected by road salts, chemicals, solvents, acids, gasoline, diesel fuel and corrosives, the company says.

Magnet Paints

Extended Warranty

Cummins is extending a warranty guarantee on its low-emissions engines through the end of 2003. Cummins’ Uptime Guarantee now applies to Cummins ISX and ISM engines purchased and built between Oct. 1, 2002, and Dec. 31, 2003, with coverage through Dec. 31, 2003.

Originally, the guarantee applied only to engines purchased and built before April 1.
The company has more than 4,200 of the engines on the road and orders for nearly 8,000 more. Of the 4,200 on the road, none have experienced a failure due to new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) components added last year to meet government regulations that became effective Oct. 1, the company says. Under the guarantee, if any part on an ISX or ISM engine fails and can’t be repaired within 24 hours, Cummins will reimburse the customer for up to three days’ truck rental.

Also, Cummins has introduced the ISX 35 with Smart Torque, designed for fleets looking for a higher displacement engine option with increased durability and higher residual values for applications that don’t require an engine brake, and launched a new “Same Day Or We Pay” program, which guarantees qualifying in-shop repair jobs, with a standard repair time of four hours or fewer, will be completed on the same day or Cummins will offer a $75 credit toward future Cummins parts and service.


Western Star Walk-through Sleeper

Western Star Trucks unveiled the Stratosphere Star Light Sleeper, an 82-inch walk-through sleeper.

The Stratosphere offers stand-up room and a flat floor throughout the cab and sleeper. Its external design allows for installation of roof-mounted air horns and marker lights. The Stratosphere sleeper is available on all Western Star 4900 models, including the EX, FA and SA.

Three trim levels are available: Phoenix, Mesa and Dakota, with cabinet, storage, window and lighting options. Four bunk configurations are available, including the optional dinette sleeper seating package.

Western Star Trucks

New Freightliner Models

Freightliner has introduced a new version of its Columbia heavy-duty truck and tractor and two new models of its Class 5-8 Business Class M2 truck line.

The new 112-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab version of the Columbia model offers better maneuverability, visibility, payload and ease of operation for regional and bulk operations, LTL, distribution and inner city delivery applications, says Freightliner.

The Columbia 112 is powered by the Mercedes-Benz MBE4000 or Caterpillar engines, with horsepower ratings to 470. Eaton-Fuller, Meritor and Allison transmissions are available. The Columbia 112 comes in a daycab or choice of sleeper cab options and is covered by a one-year, 100,000-mile warranty; a three-year, 300,000-mile warranty covers drivetrain components, cab structure and sheet metal.

Available as a truck or tractor, the M2 112 offers front axles rated from 12,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and rear axles up to 46,000 pounds. Freightliner rear AirLiner suspensions and heavy-duty TufTrac suspensions with ratings of 40,000 pounds and 46,000 pounds are offered as options.

Standard power is the Mercedes-Benz MBE4000 engine with horsepower ratings to 450. Caterpillar engines are offered as options. Eaton-Fuller AutoShift and Eaton-Fuller manual 10- or 13-speed transmissions, along with Allison HD series transmissions, are also available.
The new M2 100 is a 110-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab model and is available in gross weight ratings from 16,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds. It is designed for mid-range applications, including pickup and delivery, food and beverage distribution, towing and general services. Standard engine is the Mercedes-Benz MBE900, available with horsepower ratings from 170 to 250.


Sterling Expands Acterra Series

Sterling Truck Corp. is offering two new versions of its Acterra medium-duty and vocational truck – a crew cab option and an all-wheel drive conversion.

The crew cab option will include an interior passenger compartment measuring 113 inches from the to the rear wall inside the cab. A flat floor front to back and a tall concave steel roof increase overall headroom and legroom. Standard features include a full-length three-person bench seat in the rear and an air-ride suspension. Full-length exterior cab steps and grab handles aid entry.

The crew cab comes standard MBE900 engine, rated from 170 hp to 300 hp. Caterpillar’s 3126 and Cummins ISL and ISC, with available ratings from 190 hp to 350 hp, can also be spec’ed. Available transmissions include those from DaimlerChrysler Powersystems, Eaton-Fuller and Allison. The crew cab measures 163 inches from bumper to back of cab and is available with gross vehicle weight ratings from 19,000 to 46,000 pounds.

The crew cab option is also available for Sterling’s SportChassis recreational tow vehicle. The all-wheel-drive conversion option, manufactured by Fabco Automotive Corporation, is available immediately for all Acterra 4×2 versions. Conversions for 6×4 trucks are expected later this year. The conversion is offered with front axle ratings of 12,000, 14,000 or 16,000 pounds and comes with a choice of one- or two-speed transfer cases.

The new all-wheel-drive features an offset front drive carrier axle and four-shaft transfer case designed to ensure a minimal increase in vehicle height of four to six inches over standard height. Coupled with no step frame modifications, the all-wheel conversion eliminates up to 300 pounds of weight. The all-wheel drive system is engaged through two easy-to-reach electro-pneumatic switches located on the dash.

All-wheel drive is available for Acterra products equipped with MBE and Caterpillar medium-duty engines and with transmission choices from DaimlerChrysler Powersystems, Eaton and Allison.

Sterling Truck Corp.

Special Edition 379X

Production of Peterbilt’s Model 379X, a special edition of its classically styled truck, will begin in September. The vehicle is trimmed with polished aluminum fenders, a polished aluminum centerline hood accent, brushed aluminum dash and sleeper accessories. The truck also features an oversized exhaust stack, factory-installed accessory lighting, charcoal cabinetry and trim, leather embroidered seats, a chromed Texas-style bumper, extended sun visor and chrome shift lever.

Peterbilt also introduced its new Low Air Leaf Suspension, the industry’s lightest standard-duty tandem air suspension that provides better ride quality, reduced maintenance and increased ground clearance, the company says. The proprietary suspension is available for all Peterbilt models.

It is 325 pounds lighter than the previous Low Air Leaf Suspension and has an improved 40,000-pound load rating. The suspension has 45 percent fewer parts than its predecessor and features a completely redesigned frame bracket, leaf spring, axle seat and axle clamp.


Extended Daycab

Kenworth’s new extended daycab is available on T600, T800 and W900 models and features more room and storage space. The cab runs 6 inches longer with the roof raised 5 inches over Kenworth’s traditional daycab. Kenworth Chief Engineer Jim Bechtold says the extension adds 21 degrees of recline to the driver’s seat and adds more space for driver belly and leg room. Storage space is expanded by three cubic feet.

The daycab is available in the company’s Diamond and Splendor interior lining options. A QuietCab noise reduction package is also available, and the extended cab adds 175 pounds to Kenworth’s typical daycab. Owners of T600, T800 and W900 with AeroCab sleepers can convert those trucks to an extended daycab with an easy-to-use kit, the company says.

The company also announced a new $2,500 customer incentive on select 2003 models already in dealer inventory. Kenworth will give customers a check for $2,500 or allow them to apply the incentive toward a down payment, principal reduction, Kenworth PremierCare preventive maintenance contract or an extended warranty. To qualify, truck purchases and financing must be completed by April 30.


DiscPlus Air Brakes

ArvinMeritor has expanded its DiscPlus air disc brakes family to include two EX225 models – available in October throughout North America – for a wide variety of heavy-duty truck, specialty vehicles, and trailer applications.

The new air disc brake will be offered in two configurations: the EX225L is a lightweight air disc brake for linehaul applications, and the EX225H is designed for heavier duty applications, such as coaches and fire trucks.

The EX225 series air disc brakes feature a modular sliding caliper design, which installs in 22.5-inch wheel envelopes. The EX225L offers a 35 percent increase in torque, a 15 percent increase in wearable lining volume and is 12 percent lighter than its predecessor. The EX225H offers further increases in wearable lining volume and torque, the company said.

The brakes also feature internal automatic adjustment for pad wear, sealed synchronized twin pistons and robust sealing of slide pins for environmental protection. The brake can be supplied with an optional electronic pad wear sensor, an electrical pad wear warning indicator or a simple visual wear indicator.


Wabash Trailers

Wabash National Corp. has developed a new dry van trailer line: FreightPro. The FreightPro is a repackaged traditional sheet-and-post trailer design, the company said, and it comes with standard features such as an air-ride suspension, premium brakes and corrosion-resistant DuraPlate doors.

The FreightPro has a high-strength nose design, comprised of four 16-gauge steel posts, and a front apron wrapper made of extruded aluminum for added protection. A built-in aluminum gutter prevents moisture from entering the cargo area.

Fitted with a carbon steel, powder-coated rear frame, the FreightPro also features a non-slip bumper surface for increased safety. The sidewall is durably constructed and easy to repair, the company said. It includes a 12-inch steel scuff for lower sidewall protection.
Wabash also introduced the DuraPlate HD trailer, which features a unique base plate design that provides an extra 22 inches of lower sidewall protection. It does not require an interior scuff liner.

DuraPlate panels are made from a composite material, consisting of a polyethylene plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of pre-painted, high-strength galvanized steel designed to resist punctures, scrapes and corrosion.

Wabash also has created a used trailer network. Wabash Used Trailers will have five regional centers – Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and other locations to be developed on the East Coast and West Coast. Trailer modifications and repair services will be available at each facility. Used trailers will also be available for purchase at Wabash’s 31 factory-owned branches. The inventory will be available online at a new website,

Wabash National

New Warranty Program

Arrow Truck Sales, a dealer with locations across North America, has launched its 30-Day Warranty Ready-Truck Program, which provides a limited warranty on engines, transmissions and rears on all 1996 and newer trucks.

The warranty includes radiators, electronic control modules and turbochargers on 1999 and newer trucks. The warranty covers “engine and transmission failures for the first 30 days, with no deductible,” said Lee Wallace, senior vice president of field operations. Extended wear-out warranties are also available on most trucks.

Arrow Truck Sales

ACERT Engines

ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology), Caterpillar’s answer to meeting clean air standards, will be available across Cat’s product line by the end of the year.
Cat’s heavy-duty ACERT engines feature a double turbo system (which Cat has already used in some mining trucks and marine applications) and an air management system designed for maximum fuel combustion efficiency in the cylinders.

ACERT-equipped engines will achieve fuel economy comparable to the company’s 2001 engines, the company says.

Cat will build five ACERT engines: the C7, for mid-range use; the C9 and C11, for vocational operations; and the C13 and C15, for heavy-duty trucks. The C7 and C9 have already received Environmental Protection Agency approval and others will before the end of the year, the company said.

The engines will weigh between 150 pounds and 200 pounds more that the company’s present engines, and they will cost more. The exhaust system on ACERT engines features a tailored after treatment, already in use on other Cat engines, which changes particulate matter into carbon dioxide or water.


Expanded Night Vision Systems

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is expanding its XVision thermal imaging night vision system to include cameras that allow drivers to see 360 degrees around a vehicle.
The new suite of products, Bendix Vision Systems, adds side- and rear-view LED-assisted cameras and a joystick-operated pan-and-tilt infrared camera, the Raytheon 4000B ProtectIR, to help eliminate blind spots.

When drivers use their turn signals or shift to reverse, Vision Systems automatically switch the view on the panel to the camera on the appropriate side of the vehicle. The new products can be added to the existing XVision system (where they share the display panel) for a few hundred dollars above the original system price of $3,995, company officials say.


Volvo Goes Racing

Volvo Trucks North America has become the official heavy-duty truck for two of the biggest names in NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Roush Racing. The sponsorships include the placement of Volvo Trucks logos on tractors and transporter trailers, show cars and at driver appearances and public events. New Volvo VN780s will pull the teams’ transporters.

Volvo Truck North America

Battery Voltage Disconnector

Phillips Industries has rolled out Phillips LVD, a low voltage disconnect device that monitors battery voltage and shuts off devices if the next truck start is in jeopardy. The LVD continually monitors battery voltage, shedding non-critical loads as power drops.

The Phillips LVD is approximately 3 inches by 5 inches and weighs 20 ounces. It can be installed on any type of vehicle, from over-the-road Class 8 trucks to pickup trucks, police cars and ambulances. The Phillips LVD requires less than an hour to install and in some cases less than thirty minutes. Harness kits are available for selected truck models. The LVD carries a money-back guarantee from Phillips Industries.

Phillips Industries

Delphi Teams With Truck OEMs

Delphi has expanded its product line into several OEM truck models. Kenworth has chosen several Delphi audio systems for its 2003 models, including one AM/FM radio with cassette, CD and alarm clock. Other options include a six-disk CD changer, satellite radio and remote control.

Volvo is offering Delphi Living Environment Control Module – an electronic distribution system – on its newly redesigned VN series. The LECM integrates electrical and mechanical components into a single system. It centralizes most of the sleeper’s fuses for lights and outlets and controls all plug-in accessory feeds. It automatically reduces some of the loads when it senses lower system voltages.

Delphi is also offering:

  • The Forewarn Back-up Aid, a rear- and side-detection system, which helps drivers detect obstacles up to 16 feet away. Audible alerts vary in intensity to indicate how close the vehicle is to an object.
  • A new high-pressure fuel injection system, which improves fuel economy and lowers emissions and noise levels.


    New Trailer Scale

    The new Air-Weigh trailer scale features a keypad and LCD display screen, so an operator can weigh and calibrate the trailer even if the tractor is not equipped with a scale. The system comes with a menu of pre-programmed trailer suspensions, from which the owner can choose to calibrate the scale. Once programmed, the scale immediately displays the actual on-the-ground weight to within 300 pounds of a DOT scale. The scale is mounted on a frame rail or optional bracket for easy viewing. It weighs less than three pounds.

    All Self-Weighing Trailer Scales communicate trailer weights to Air-Weigh equipped tractors for in-cab display of axle weights, gross vehicle weight and net payload. Air-Weigh communicates over the existing vehicle wiring, so additional trailer disconnect wires are not required. Weight receipt printers are optional. Weight data can be automatically downloaded to the vehicle’s J-1708 data bus.


    Composite Trailer

    Martin Marietta Composites has entered the commercial trailer market. The first design will be a 50-foot, live-floor transfer trailer with a weight of 12,800 pounds, a capacity of 132 cubic yards and a GVWR of 68,000 pounds. The trailer will be virtually 100 percent glass-fiber reinforced polymer with the exception of the king pin, running gear and landing gear.
    Trailer production is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year. Martin Marietta’s manufacturing facility is located in Sparta, N.C.

    At Sparta, Martin Marietta also fabricates its DuraSpan bridge decks and other composite products. For seven years, Martin Marietta has produced the DuraSpan bridge decking for new and replacement bridge contracts across the United States.

    Martin Marietta, headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., is the nation’s second largest producer of construction aggregates and a leading producer of magnesia-based chemicals used in a wide variety of industries.

    Martin Marietta