Trucking CD Loaded for the Open Road

For the Long Haul: Songs For The Open Road –
Various Artists

This trucker-inspired project was crafted and dedicated to the warriors of the open road. Veteran trucker and bluegrass musician Big Al Weekley was the lead rig of For the Long Haul, and he has put together one nice load.

Dave “Six Days on the Road” Dudley, performs “Drivin’ Trains,” a new song he co-wrote with his wife Marie. Another legendary singer, Leroy Van Dyke, performs the comical “Who’s Gonna Run the Truckstop in Tuba City When I’m Gone.” Weekley has a few ditties of his own packaged here, including “18 Wheels Roll On” and “Endless Black Ribbon.” A refreshing addition to any driver’s musical log book. A

Chris Cagle –
Chris Cagle

He’s a big ole boy, but deep down Chris Cagle’s just a little crybaby – literally. On this sophomore CD, Cagle heads right to the top with the leadoff single, “What A Beautiful Day.” This song is a creative, mathematical gem that still has folks wondering if a woman is married on Day 482, then has a son on Day 761

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