What's your favorite summer activity?

Clinton Williams
Sierra Express
Birmingham, Ala.
“Barbecuing. I like to barbecue deer.”

Robert Poindexter
Memphis, Tenn.
“Bowling and horseback riding.”

Bill Brown
Brown’s Moving
“Working. That’s all I do in the summer.”

Doug Carter
Hemphill, Texas
“Fishing. The big deal is taking my grandbabies out fishing. One is 7, and the other is about 5.”

Tom Bille
Carlstadt, N.J.
“The only summer activity I’ve got is driving. That’s it.”

Henry Charles
“Fishing. The bigger the fish, the better it is. Seafood is all I eat.”

Randy Morgan
Son of a trucker
Potstan, N.Y.
“I like to play soccer.”

Bill Jameson
Richmond, Va.
“I don’t have many. I like to fish, to just get out there and have fun.”

Steve Harris
Gadsden, Ala.
“Playing guitar. I play anything that sounds good, mostly heavy stuff.”

Larry Bryant
Prime Inc.
Webster, N.Y.
“Fishing. I’m a country boy. I carry reels in my truck. I fish ocean. I fish freshwater. I fish everywhere.”

John Zumwalt
Amite, La.
“Mowing the grass. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh-cut grass.”

Mickey Cummings
Henderson, Ky.
“The only summer activity I have is driving that truck. You don’t have time to do anything else.”

Tim Fultz
High Class
Williamsport, Penn.
“Fishing. I like to catch fish, mostly in streams up in the mountains.”

Dave Bentley
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
“I like fishing and hunting when I get time, but I don’t get much time.”

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