Bush Signs Bill That Includes $20 Million for Trucking Security

President Bush has signed a funding bill that earmarks $20 million for the trucking industry aspects of homeland security.

The $79 billion fiscal 2003 supplemental appropriations bill provides $6.7 billion more for the Department of Homeland Security.

Bush signed the bill April 16 in part to cover the cost of the war in Iraq. The bill also includes $4.3 billion to offset the costs of Operation Liberty Shield, a comprehensive plan that increases border security and adds stronger transportation measures.

The Pentagon will receive more than $62 billion of the appropriations, and another $2.4 billion will help the airline industry battle terrorism.

The Homeland’s Transportation Security Administration will get $665 million, $20 million of which will go to trucking industry grants to pay for national trucking security and safety initiatives. Another $30 million is for upgrading Operation Safe Commerce’s Maritime and Land Security department.

The bill also included allocations of:

  • $333 million to increase border and maritime port security, $35 million of which is destined for the Container Security Initiative and $90 million for portal radiation detection and monitoring technology.
  • $170 million to Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to add personnel at borders and maritime ports and improve the bureau’s development of entry-exit systems at borders.
  • $2.23 billion for state domestic preparedness plans, including $700 million in grants for high-threat urban areas to be named by Homeland Security.
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