What is Your Most Embarrassing Trucking Moment?

“When you break down, it’s pretty embarrassing, because others out on the road think you have no business driving.”
Chris Warren
Ranger Trucking
Birmingham, Ala.

“I got lost going to New Jersey one time. It was nighttime, and there was a lot of construction in the road.”
Baltazar Paramo
Austin, Texas

“I got lost once and went the wrong way down the highway for about 20 miles because I had no idea where I was going.”
Steven Lewis
Schneider National
Batesburg, S.C.

“It’s embarrassing listening to truckers talk to women on the CB. I have been out on the road for 39 years, and back then we had respect for women. The language used today could improve.”
Buddy Clark
KW Transport
Kingsport, Tenn.

“Once I forgot to unhook the air hoses from my trailer before pulling away. This busted my air lines, so I couldn’t move my trailer. It was really embarrassing.”
Jimmy Baker
Greenville, S.C.

“I used to get lost all the time in Houston. It once took me six hours to figure out where I was because there are so many highways there. I got really frustrated, and I was ready to quit.”
Alan King
CVS Pharmacy
Birmingham, Ala.

“Getting a ticket is always the worst.”
Willie Haynes
Mae’s Trucking
Louisville, Miss.

“One time I passed up a weigh station. I just kept on going, though, because there wasn’t much I could do.”
Mitch Malek
Covenant Transport
Detroit, Mich.

“I got a speeding ticket.”
Ronell Rodgers
DWT Services
New Orleans, La.

“Once my co-driver slid in the snow while I was in the back asleep, and it bounced me out of the bed. All I could do was yell, ‘Are we dead?'”
Steven Browning
Dart Transit
Lufkin, Texas

“Traffic tie-ups can be embarrassing because people in four wheelers don’t realize that you need more room and need to be let in.”
Al Chustz
John and John Transport
Baton Rouge, La.