There’s More Where That Came From – Lee Ann Womack

There’s More Where That Came From – Lee Ann Womack
Kudos to Lee Ann Womack and her label for actually putting out a record. You heard right. A limited number of vinyl LPs are available for the Texan’s latest offering. And L.A.W. sounds good coming off a CD, or with the pops of a real record.

This “album” is a stunning return to a countrified form after a couple of years of floundering. The first single, “I May Hate Myself in the Morning,” is a throwback to the classic country sound, complete with twin fiddles. “One’s a Couple” is a witty, sly track that you don’t see much on Music Row these days. Womack co-wrote a great song – and what a great title – “Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago.” Lee Ann is vinylicious. A

Hearts in Mind – Nanci Griffith
Now that she’s gotten over the fact that fellow Texan George W. Bush will remain in Washington for four more years, Griffith has put her focus back to her creative, acoustic-driven music. Twenty years ago, the crooner achieved critical acclaim in Nashville with her styling. Although she’s never received mass acceptance, the 51-year-old maintains a beat that keeps the folks in Austin wired.

Nanci and co-producer Pat McInerney have concocted a nice blend of tracks in a post 9/11 collection. “Heart of Indochine,” “Old Hanoi” and “Big Blue Ball of War” all detail the costs of war. “Our Very Own” is an album-closing duet with actor Keith Carradine. With Hearts in Mind, Griffith creatively makes her point with portraits of people, not politics. B-

Brave – Jamie O’Neal
This gorgeous crooner realized a few years back that “There is No Arizona,” and now Aussie-turned-Tennessean Jamie O’Neal is “Trying to Find Atlantis,” her current single. One thing’s for sure, Jamie found a hit song.

This comeback CD offers the listener a wealth of well-written songs. “When Did You Know” is a gorgeous piano-and-strings power ballad punctuated with a penetrating chorus. Jamie had a hand in writing “Ready When it Comes.” The inspirational lyrics and melody will certainly lift you up. One song that’s a bit much is “Devil on the Left.” Its chaotic concoction of instrumentation will leave you scratching your head. A-

My Kind of Livin’ – Craig Morgan
“I have come to understand that the good songs come naturally,” says Craig Morgan. “They talk about natural things; things that might seem mundane or common are the things that we all can envision about ourselves because they are what we do – or, if we do not, they are what we want to do.”

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On his third CD, Craig is as natural as ever. His habit for finding personal songs (2003’s “Almost Home”) has propelled the 10-year army sergeant over the top of Nashville’s battleground of blasé singers. Craig’s real. One listen to “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy),” “Rain for the Roses” or “Cowboy and Clown” will have you believing. Brad Paisley appears on “Blame Me.” Another stellar offering from the NCO. A