The Driver and His Lady

By John Latta
Executive Editor
[email protected]

I can’t put my finger on just when it was that bi-coastal relationships became chic. The ’80s I think. It was the latest cute thing that rich, famous, business, legal and celebrity couples did. One in New York, one in L.A. Or one in Miami and one in Seattle. The idea was that each person had a fabulous career (or expected/demanded one), and they could maximize their income, keep climbing the ladder of success and at the same time have an exciting, fulfilling love affair glued together with cross-country flights, phones and voice mail.

Some worked, most didn’t. Perhaps a little too much hubris here; pride, presumption and arrogance all floated by the idea that you really can have everything in modern day America. But you can’t, you can only try to. The cost is too high. A relationship needs nurturing; a career needs building, each with time, dedication, patience and understanding. For too many of these jet setting couples there wasn’t enough inside to give both the relationship and the career all they needed to survive.

Yet every day, solo drivers maintain exciting, fulfilling relationships. Not every one is a success of course, but when they work, they are a tribute to the time, dedication, patience and understanding a driver and spouse put into them. And those success stories speak volumes for the driver and his lady (and vice versa). He’s gone most of the time, leaving a yawning gap in her home life. She has to change her expectations, and while love sometimes lets you do that, sometimes it doesn’t. He’s tough as nails. He’s a trucker – they don’t come much tougher. But sometimes that’s a fa

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