They Made America – Harold Evans

Reviewed by Jim Coleman
Averitt Express

Listening Time: 6 hours
Publisher: Time Warner Audio
Retail: $31.98
Genre: History

Plot: This book describes the lives of 11 great people in America’s history, most of whom were born into poverty and became great people in their times. People who were bold enough to seize opportunities when they arose and create opportunity when the need existed. People like Robert Fulton (who created a steamboat empire), Sam Colt and Thomas Edison.

What was your favorite moment? One of my favorite passages was the narrative of the transcontinental railroad. The race of the two companies who built it racing from the east and from the west shows the true competitiveness of American business.

Which character was your favorite? Thomas Edison. He not only invented the light bulb but had to invent everything to make it work, from the power plants to supply the electricity to the lamps the bulbs went into and everything in between.

Did the audiobook have a message or theme? The importance of invention and the equal importance of innovation. Without his innovative genius, Edison’s light bulb would have just been a novelty. Taking a good idea and making it better has been a hallmark of this nation since the beginning, and that’s what has made it great.

What did you like or dislike? I liked the choice of the subjects (individuals) the author wrote about. He did extensive research on each person’s private as well as business life, a great illustration that these people are as real as you or me. My only dislike about this audiobook is the fact that it was abridged.

Would you recommend?: Definitely. It is very inspiring and should be read (or listened to) by anyone who needs a boost in their career. While it is informative, it may not lead you to bright ideas that are career changing, but it helps to be reassured and to hear that with hard work and determination, dreams can be achieved.

Narrator’s style: It was narrated by the author, Harold Evans. He has an easy-to-listen-to voice and an English accent. Most of the time it seems as if he is holding a conversation instead of reading the book.

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How would you grade the book? A

The Elfstones of Shannara – Terry Brooks

Reviewed by Robin Huskey
Baker Trucking Co.

Listening Time: 6 hours
Publisher: Random House Audio
Retail: $25.95
Genre: Fairy tale, mystery

Plot: When the Ellcrys Tree begins to die, the demons are about to break free to roam over the homes to destroy the ones who have kept them in a forbidden place for so long. It’s up to Wil Ohmsford and the elf Amberle to stop them, but will they fail or will the magic work?

What was your favorite moment? When Wil learns to use the Elfstones of Shannara to repel the demons and realizes he has the power within him.

Which character was your favorite? Amberle, because even though she is afraid of the power within her, she pushes on to do what’s right.

Did the audiobook have a message or theme? Good will win over evil with help from good people.

What did you like or dislike? The demons had no voice, but I liked that all the other characters had very well-rounded personalities.

Would you recommend?: Yes, it’s like when you were a child and someone read you a fairy tale.

Narrator’s style: Charles Keating has a very good voice for this type of story. He has the control to reach all characters and ranges.

How would you grade the book? A

The Italian Secretary – by Caleb Carr
It all begins familiarly enough: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are summoned to the aid of Queen Victoria in Scotland by an encrypted telegram from Holmes’ brother, Mycroft, a royal advisor. Rushed northward on a royal train, they soon learn of the brutal killings of two of the Queen’s servants who had been working on the renovation of the famous and forbidding Royal Palace of Holyrood.

Mycroft has enlisted his brother to help solve the murders that may be key elements of a much more elaborate plot on the Queen’s life. But the circumstances of the two victims’ deaths also call to Holmes’ mind the terrible murder of “The Italian Secretary,” David Rizzio. Only Rizzio was murdered three centuries ago.
Unabridged on 6 CDs
Retail: $29.95
Simon & Schuster Audio

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