What is the Most Common Health Problem for Truck Drivers?

“Stress from pressure to be on time and traffic. It causes you to be irritated all of the time.”
David Olsen
R E Garrison
Milton, Fla.

“Smoking too much. Gives you high blood pressure. Eating the on the road is unhealthy, too. We don’t have a lot of choices of what to eat.”
Glenn Russell
Miller Truckline
Stroud, Okla.

“High blood pressure from stress. My trucking insurance is high. Fuel prices are high. It’s stressful.”
Jim Kresser
Chambers Trucking

“We all smoke. Nearly all of us do, and it causes health problems.”
Gordon Hofer
FFE Refrigeration
Arley, Ala.

“Obesity from lack of movement, not getting exercise and not walking around.”
Mark Haas
H. O. Wolding
Easley, S.C.

“Getting old and fat.”
Jesse Evans
Ready Transportation
Ruth Glenn, Va.

“Back problems.”
Mike Marcco
Continental Express Inc.

“Food – everybody wants to eat right, but there’s nothing healthy about fast food. My friends are getting older, and there are a lot of health problems because of the unhealthy food.”
Clarence Ellard
Howard Transportation
Birmingham, Ala.

“Fatigue. I try to avoid it. Stress, too. That I do suffer from occasionally.”
Jack Smith
Quality Carriers
Alvin, Texas

“Diabetes, heart disease, so many of them have heart attacks. It’s all from not getting enough exercise.”
Clinton Allsup
Yellow Transport

“In my company, it’s been people that smoke. Causes lung problems and lung disease. We had two die of cancer.”
Ray Torres
William Thomas Trucking
Albuquerque, N.M.

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