How Would You Solve the Rising Fuel Price Problem?

“Park everything and make America suffer. America would shut down.”
Tim Scarbrough
Bainbridge, Ga.

“They should drop [fuel prices] because they are too high right now. We have all the oil we need right here.”
Thomas Lee
Huntsville, Ala.

“They shouldn’t pass it on to the truckers because we have it hard enough.”
Ann Overland
Midland Transport
Nova Scotia, Canada

“A good surcharge works for me.”
Steve Haynie
Columbus, Ga.

“They need to increase funding to the refineries and create new ones.”
John Wayne
Rapid Service
Greenville, S.C.

“Start by lowering the taxes.”
Alonzo Maldonado
Panther II
El Paso, Texas

“They should raise freight prices to compensate for fuel prices.”
Darrall Fulford
Mike Gibson Trucking
Tampa, Fla.

“We should stop getting foreign oil and use our technology. We are smart enough to get away from fossil fuel, but we are just not doing it.”
Keith Little
Prime Incorporated
Statesboro, Ga.

“They need to explore more gas and oil wells.”
Phil Schriver
Panther II
Fort Worth, Texas

“I’d do a little of everything: raise rates, have a fuel surcharge and tell people to quit driving so much!”
Raymond Moya
Marzen Transport
Long Beach, Calif.

“Refine more oil to bring prices down.”
Byron Mayfield
JSK Company
Tucson, Ariz.

“Determine the source of increase in prices because we aren’t getting a straight answer.”
Elvin Lewis
Detroit, Mich.

“We are being held hostage. Bush is making the money, and we are paying for it, so we need to change who is running the government.”
John Turk
Specialized Transportation
Detroit, Mich.