Hanna-McEuen – Hanna-McEuen
Hanna-McEuen is a new duo whose members are: 1.) first cousins 2.) sons of twin sisters, and 3.) sons of members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Regardless of all the biological connections, Jaime Hanna and Jonathan McEuen sound great together. The cousins trade off on lead vocals, and both are more than capable singers with or without harmonies. All the songs on this debut were written or co-written by Hanna and McEuen, and are mostly about love and heartache. “Rock and a Heartache” and “Something Like a Broken Heart” are among this Nitty Gritty: Next Generation debut. B

Dreaming My Dreams – Patty Loveless
Kentucky girl Patty Loveless eases gracefully between bluegrass tradition and her mastery of contemporary country on this comeback. Fiddles and mandolins abound throughout Dreaming My Dreams’ largely acoustic arrangements.

Delbert McClinton’s “Same Kind of Crazy” is a nice touch. Loveless teams with her fellow Owensboro native and country star Dwight Yoakam for a duet of “Never Ending Song of Love,” the old Delaney & Bonnie hit. Emmylou Harris appears on “When Being Who You are is Not Enough.” Dreaming My Dreams is a much-anticipated return to some of Patty’s hit-making sounds. A-

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