Profitable resolutions

By Robert Lake
[email protected]

If becoming a more organized, fuel efficient, profitable trucker is on your New Year’s resolution list, then take a look at the new, 2006 Truckers News Truckstop Directory. Due to overwhelming positive response from last year’s inaugural edition, this updated and improved version is now available at truckstops across the United States. It’s user friendly, printed on high-quality paper and comes with full color interstate maps provided by Rand McNally.

The improved version is the result of reader feedback. We asked you what you wanted in a truckstop directory, and you told us. In fact, almost all of our changes came from the huge response to our request for you to help us make this the best possible tool for your trucking business.

We checked out every letter, call and e-mail suggestion and spent a lot of time making your ideas work for us. Cindy Vickery from Phoenix was inspired by last year’s contest launch. She was the first one to send in the winning suggestion. Her idea – put the state map in front of each state’s section and mark the truckstop locations – won her $10,000 and made the directory more user-friendly for you. The Swift Transport driver says she uses the directory every day while looking for the best prices on fuel and services – small payoffs that lead to greater profits over time.

Thanks to Vickery’s suggestion to include Rand McNally maps of each state, this year’s edition is easier to use with better, updated information you need to plan your routes. Here are some of the features that make it a must-have driver resource:

  • A user-friendly, “how to use” page that helps you easily navigate the directory.
  • Truckstops sorted in ascending order by exit number.
  • New listings for off-interstate truckstops organized alphabetically by city.
  • State-by-state phone numbers for important trucking and safety information.
  • Detailed truckstop amenities such as fax numbers, Internet connectivity, restaurant hours, full listing of fuel card information, telephone numbers and hours of operations.
  • Heavier- stock paper that you told us held up with daily use and makes the directory easy to read
  • Plenty of four-color logos directing you to the amenities at each truckstop.
  • Full color interstate maps provided by Rand McNally.

There’s always room for improving even the most tightly-run trucking operation, and most of those improvements include routing your trips in the most cost-efficient way. This guide is one tool to help you make your New Year’s resolutions pay off. Please keep sending in your ideas and suggestions. We take them very seriously.

Happy New Year to you and yours.