Life Goes On – Terri Clark
This should be a good year for this Alberta, Canada, native: a new record, a new hubby and lots more excitement from “Country Music’s Lidded Lady.”

Life Goes On is mostly an up-tempo showcase, reminiscent of Clark’s 10-year career. The title track and “Damn Right” are pure pop. “I Wish He’d Been Drinkin’ Whiskey” veers into classic tear-in-your-beer territory. The dobro gets a workout on “Everybody’s Gotta Go Sometime” and the stomping “Tear It All Down.” Not a shabby effort from T.C. B+

Walk the Line Soundtrack
Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon are proven actors. Now, with the release of the soundtrack to the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, Phoenix and Witherspoon prove they are good singers, too.

Instead of lip syncing the Cashes’ hits in the movie, the actors actually used their real voices. The results

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