Consent to Kill – by Vince Flynn

Reviewed by Bill Cummings
Prime, Inc.

Listening Time: 17.5 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Retail: $49.95
Genre: Political thriller

Plot: World politics of the day pit members of the CIA against unknown killers, who wish to avenge the alleged death of kinfolk. The killers are wealthy Arabs whose money has no limits, and the story unfolds with wall-to-wall excitement. Very consuming dialogue and realistic events from start to finish.

The cast includes Saudi Arabians, South American gangs operating in the United States, Russian KGB goons, military/ex-military support types, co-workers of CIA operative Mitch Rapp, and many of their family members, friends, etc. The story unfolds in the United States, France and other European countries, as well as Saudi Arabia. Money of the wealthy is used to hire contractors who hire sub-contractors, who really escalate the plot. Hero Mitch Rapp defies death again and again – even though, several moments lead the listener to believe otherwise. But what really happens to Mitch Rapp in the end?

What was your favorite moment? The magical result of the assassins’ explosive effort to eliminate Mitch Rapp and his wife in their home. There are many other moments to thrill the listener as well.

Which character was your favorite? The wife of the assassin, Claudia Morell, who plays a most unique part in the outcome of the story. To overcome what she perceives as a major mistake, she risks her marriage and her life in her effort to apologize for unforgivable criminal actions.

Does the book have a message or theme? The love of money is the root of all evil, and there are more important motivations as one lives and attempts to reach goals along the way. Consent to Kill is a story about forces of good and evil and how each can turn out differently than observers expect.

What did you like or dislike? I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The writer and reader electrify the audience throughout. I dislike the magnitude of world affairs in this day and age – and it is sad that men can be so hostile to one another – which, ironically, makes this story successful. Go figure.

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Would you recommend?: Absolutely. It is believable enough, even realistic enough that everyone should hear and contemplate just how ruthless folks of power can be.

Narrator’s style: I liked every second of George Guidall’s presentation. I don’t think he erred at all! A true professional all the way.

How would you grade the book? A+

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