What was your best April fool's joke?

“When I went to truck driving school, I drove badly and the instructor said, ‘That was your road test and you failed.’ But he was just joking, and I didn’t even know it was April Fool’s Day.”
Treasa Marquez
Riverside, Calif.
CR England

“My partner woke me up in the sleeper and said, ‘George, George!’ I looked up, and there was a tow truck pulling another truck that was facing my truck. I thought a truck was coming towards me, and I screamed.”
George Lucey
Nashville, Tenn.
Covenant Transportation

“My friends told me there was a good-looking woman in the club, but when I got there, she wasn’t really a woman.”
Ricky Guillory
Groves, Texas
Trimac Transportation

“At the Mid-America Trucking Show one year, a truck pulled into a parking space. The guy in the driver’s seat got out and was wearing black sunglasses and holding a cane, like he was blind. He walked around the truck, got back in and then drove off.”
John Crooks
Zwolle, La.
Oakley Trucking

“Someone stuck a rubber snake in my sleeping bag while I was camping.”
Matt Menke
Bellville, Texas
Western International Gas and Cylinders

“I pulled in front of a guy while he was sleeping, turned on my lights and honked. He was sleeping over the steering wheel.”
Louis George
Culloden, W. Va.
Enterprise Transportation

“I put a quarter in someone’s glad hand so they couldn’t get air into their trailer.”
Charlie Harvell
Cedartown, Ga.
Jim Loyd Transport

“A surprise birthday party at my house with my family and friends. My car broke down on the way, and all these people were waiting for me.”
Brad Traeger

“Someone put a rubber snake in my sun visor.”
Walton Long
Huntsville, Texas
Western International Gas and Cylinders

“I told my brother that he had two flats and when he ran out, he didn’t see anything wrong.”
John Fox
Norco Transportation

“One of my friends called me and acted like a mad old lady.”
Gerald Hogues
Augusta, Ga.
Savannah Transport