What's your favorite trucking movie?

“My favorite is White Line Fever because he gets the bad guy in the end and takes matters into his own hands.”
Donnie Dorr
Garden City Beach, S.C.
Independent owner-operator

“My favorite is Breaker Breaker because it has Chuck Norris in it.”
Kevin Claycomb
Point Blank, Texas
Metropolitan Trucking

“I’ve always liked Smokey and the Bandit since I was a little kid.”
Michael Lewis
Jackson, Miss.
Venture Express

“I like Smokey and the Bandit because I like the car and it’s a good movie.”
James Pate
Huntsville, Ala.
Maxco Oil Company

“Convoy because it stands up for what the trucker should do, so we don’t get bullied around.”
Jay Lynch
Newbern, N.C.
Deep Transport

“Smokey and the Bandit because of the comedy. That makes it worthwhile to watch it.”
Chris Osborn
Whitehouse, Texas
End of the Trail Trucking

“Smokey and the Bandit, because I used to have a pearl white 1979 Trans Am when I was younger.”
Richard White
Fort Worth, Texas
Metal Transport

“Smokey and the Bandit because of the humor and comedy in it. I’ve worn my copy out.”
Michael Mullins
Lewisburg, Tenn.
K-Mac Trucking

“I like Black Dog because I like Patrick Swayze. He’s getting old, too.”
David Adams
Cottondale, Fla.
Albritton Farms Trucking

“Smokey and the Bandit because I like Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason.”
Jake Waters
MacClenny, Fla.
GNS Transport

“Duel is suspenseful and has a mean-looking truck. It also puts a different light on the trucking industry, because all the others seem to put a negative spin on truckers.”
Jim Harless
Newport News, Va.

“Smokey and the Bandit, because it used to come on television all the time. It’s all right.”
James Collins
Tuskegee, Ala.
USA Trucking

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