What is your opinion of biodiesel?

“From what I’ve heard, it sounds like an interesting concept. I think it would be beneficial, because it lessens the strain on regular refineries that have to produce diesel.”
Tom Wilkins
American Eagle
Birmingham, Ala.

“If it helps the environment, then I’m all for it.”
Dwayne Thomas
All Points Transports

“It’s all right, I reckon. It smells like French fries.”
Shawn Knight
Knights Transport
Laurel, Miss.

“The cost is too high. It needs to go down because it is kind of rough on the owner-operators. It’s outrageous.”
Gilbert Cavazos
ETC Trucking

“They have to do something about the fuel now. If it works and helps reduce fuel cost, then it is the future.”
David Childers
JB Trucking

“I think it is all right. I’ve used it, and it smelled like burnt vegetables, but I just can’t find it.”
James Davis
Mason Dixon Dallas

“If it’s a lot cheaper I’d use it, as long as it burns in the truck.”
Bill Greehling
JCF Auto Transport
Gainesville, Ga.

“If it will bring fuel prices down, I think it’s a good thing. Eventually, the government will make all fuel have to be part biodiesel.”
Roger Adams
Rockhouse Transport
Hazard, Ky.

“If it will help clean the air up, that will be good. It’s always good not to depend on foreign oil.”
Tyrone Perrin
USA Trucking

“I used some back in the winter. I’ll use it again if they have it.”
Coleman Harris
B and J Transportation
Gretna, Va.

“I’ve heard plenty about it. I think it is going to be good for the economy because we don’t have to import material to make it. It’s a thing of the future.”
Tom Ambrose
Heartland Express
Tampa, Fla.

“I think it is a great idea. It is cheaper in the long run and safer for the environment. I watched a documentary about it, and I thought it was pretty cool.”
Adam Warner
SMP Inc.
Poconos, Pa.