What's the most memorable thing you've seen on the road?

“In Birmingham on I-459 at 3 a.m. it started snowing garbage. A flatbed truck with bundles of something had snapped loose, and the whole place was covered with debris. On the way back, road crews were scooping the stuff off the road.”
Chris Clifton
Safeway Transportation

“I saw a guy standing on the side of the road naked in the mountains of Asheville, N.C.”
Tommy Carter
Eden, N.C.
A-Plus Trucking

“I saw a guy’s truck burn up after he ran straight into the woods.”
Quentin Brinson
Greenville, Ala.
Braggs Trucking

“I ran off the road between a median and up a hill at 70 mph because I fell asleep. I didn’t hurt nobody, not even my truck. It was when I first started driving, and that woke me up for life.”
Fred Hale
Cullman, Ala.
Ozark Transportation

“One of our tractors burned up on the side of the road in Mississippi.”
Derek Stock
Georgetown, Ky.
Werner Enterprises

“Women flash you on the highway when I drive by just to mess with you.”
Robert Scott
Birmingham, Ala.
Averitt Transport

“I saw a woman going down the highway reading a newspaper, putting on makeup and talking on her cell phone.”
Robert Stevenson
South Point, Ohio
Averitt Express

“One time there was so much snow in Colorado that the road closed. I was sitting on the edge of a cliff in my truck for three hours, watching kids ice skate on a pond below.”
Kenneth Tribble
Jackson, Miss.
Ozark Transportation

“I participated in a convoy of 60 vehicles protesting fuel prices in Cheyenne. By the time they hit Nebraska, we had 150 vehicles.”
William Brown
Welland, Ontario, Canada
Southern Auto Transport

“A four-wheeler cut across four lanes of traffic in front of my truck.”
Gayle Woodhouse
U.S. Express Enterprises

“I saw a three tractor-trailer wreck in Withfield, Va. One jack-knifed, and there were two cars involved. All three of the trucks turned over, but everyone walked away.”
Robert Gillie
Roanoke, Va.
The McKow Company

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