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It’s always fun to add new bells and whistles to an old truck. It’s good for the spirit, and it keeps you from getting stuck in a routine. That’s why we periodically tweak the design and content of Truckers News – to keep things updated and fresh.

Here’s a roundup of new features debuting this month.

Meet the Driver
This month, Bill Borger, from Minnesota City, Minn., shares interesting, unusual tidbits about his personal and trucking life. Everyone likes to peer in the cab window and get a glimpse of what someone’s really like. Read the lively answers to questions such as: What’s the most wonderful thing in your life? What is one of your best memories? What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a trucker? Editors will select a different driver every month to answer different, off-beat, interesting questions from people you don’t know but might want to meet after reading this!

Crossword puzzle
Keep your brain in gear with new, monthly, trucking-themed crossword puzzles. Test your trucking knowledge with the clever, challenging clues mixed in with popular culture questions, history, sports and just about everything under the sun you should know, or will soon find out. Answers will appear in the same issue.

Lighten up
Over-the-road trucker and comic strip artist R.L Bowman will keep you laughing with his wit and wisdom in the new comic strip “Scratchin’ Gears.” The Atlanta artist shows the lighter side of the trucking life through the eyes of a big truckin’ cat. The driver cat pits wits against the DOT dogs and of course, the cat is always smarter! The cat character is inspired by Snowbell, Bowman’s white Persian feline.

I’m Just Say’n
Ever wanted to dump your personal issues on someone who’s heard it all? Well, Truckers News editor Carolyn Magner doesn’t have the professional expertise to fix your problems – but she can give you good girlfriend advice that’s heavy on sarcasm, with a sprinkling of common sense to get you through it.

Partner Insights
Information to advance your business from industry suppliers
The ALL NEW Rand Tablet
Presented by Rand McNally

Like a new piece of chrome, these features add a little fun and interest to the serious business of trucking. Enjoy! And let us know what you think. After all, that’s where we get our ideas.

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