My name is … Glen Arnold.

Glen Arnold

I drive for … Enterprise Transportation.

I live in … Surgoinsville, Tenn.

I have been a truck driver for … 26 years total. I’ve been driving for Enterprise for six years.

The first truck I ever drove was … a 1976 Transtar International.

My favorite thing about trucking is … I get a paycheck, and I seem to be good at it.

If I weren’t a truck driver, I would be … a brain surgeon. I think I’d be good at that, too. I’m confident and pretty good at everything I do.

When I’m not on the road, I like to … work for my family. I put up fences, work on family cars, the yard and the house. They have lots for me to do. I also have to take care of my elderly parents and do things for them that they can’t do.

People who know me say that I am … a pretty good brother, uncle and father. And they say that I’m grouchy.

When I’m driving my truck, I like to listen to … all kinds of music. I like rock, Christian, jazz and classical.

My professional goals are … to retire and go fishing so I don’t have to go nowhere anymore.

My favorite part of the country to drive through is … the last five miles before I get home. America is beautiful, and I love it all.

My favorite movie is … The Wind and the Lion. It has plenty of action.

I met my wife … 20 years ago. She lived down the road. I was in the Marines, and I came home one day on leave. I went up the road to get something from the store, and she was outside playing ball. Sixteen years later I married her.

I proposed … in a roundabout way. We both got married to different people first. When I got divorced and then heard she got divorced, I called her up one day after my mom saw her somewhere. I asked her if she wanted me to come back home. It wasn’t really a proposal, but more of a mutual understanding.

I would like for my children to … be happy and prosperous. I want them to be good citizens and good Christians, self-reliant and strong, physically, morally and mentally.

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