Passing the torch

By Robert Lake
[email protected]

One sign of healthy leadership is the age-old ritual of passing the torch from one leader to the next one. I’ve had a great experience nurturing the growth and influence of this publication, and I’m as proud as I can be to announce that John Randle has been promoted to publisher of Truckers News. John has been the associate publisher since 2003, and prior to that he was the regional and national sales manager for four years.

John eats, sleeps and breathes Truckers News. He loves the magazine and the industry it serves. This promotion goes to a well deserving, hard-working leader, and I look forward to working with John in the years ahead. As vice president and group president of Randall-Reilly’s Truck Stop Division, I’ll be in close contact with all aspects of the business side of the operation. Other properties in the division include the America’s Traveling Truck show, Transportista magazine, Truckers News Truck Stop Directory, Motor Media and TruckStops Express.

Randle says he is excited about his new position. “To be named publisher of Truckers News is the biggest honor of my professional career and one that I will strive to deserve each and every day. We have a great editorial and sales team, and it’s a privilege to be associated with such dedicated professionals.”

In particular, he’s looking forward to the promotion of the year-long Fit for the Road program that encourages truckers to adopt a healthier diet and fitness routine, the selection of the Great American Trucking Family and the monthly focus on news and issues relevant to trucking.

Mike Reilly, president and CEO of Randall-Reilly Publishing, says Randle has been an asset to the growth of the company since he came on board eight years ago. “John has the leadership skills and determination to maintain Truckers News’ position as the leading news and lifestyle publication for over-the-road truckers,” says Reilly.

While this is my farewell column, I’m not going to be very far away, and Truckers News will always be near and dear to my heart. Please join me in welcoming John Randle to his new position, but don’t forget to drop me a line, stop by the Truckers News booth at truck shows or look for me at America’s Traveling Truck Show.