Message hits home

By John Randle
[email protected]

I’ve been following the progress of the five truckers in the Truckers News Fit for the Road program with great interest. In fact, I’ve been struggling with my own New Year’s resolutions to get more fit and adopt a healthier diet. As I read through their stories (page 29), I realized that, like those of the five truckers chosen for this program, my motives for a healthier life have more to do with my family than with anything else.

Like you, I’m on the road a lot, where it’s hard to choose healthy foods or keep a regular exercise routine. I’m busy with so many other things that I’ve found myself putting my health at the bottom of the priority list. When I was younger, I played football for Duke University – and I was always a big guy. But somehow, as time went by, I stopped concentrating on my health and focused more on my career and family.

This year brings a lot of milestones for me. I’m turning 40, my wife Amy and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage, and I’ve taken on the challenge of leading this magazine. This program, with its inspiring stories of courageous truckers taking on the task of losing weight this year, has motivated me to take a look at my own life. I’ve realized this enormous issue is not just about losing weight; it’s about dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

That’s a gift not just for yourself but for your family. With a wife and two small daughters – Kate, age 4, and Anna, age 2 – who depend on me, I’ve become very conscious of the repercussions of neglecting my health.

Fit for the Road participant Nancy Younger’s positive attitude really hit home. She uploaded to her blog a photo of herself walking through the snow, smiling and waving to the camera. Her message is an upbeat one, and you can’t help but get motivated when you read her blog entries. She says: “So, don’t let anything (including the weather) stop you. Remember your goals and the reasons you began this journey. Never forget that you have loved ones out there that are cheering you on and would like you to be parts of their lives for many years to come. Keep on truckin’!” Way to go Nancy!

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The interest in the Fit for the Road program has been overwhelming. Readers have flooded our phones and in-boxes with requests for more information about the program. You can follow the progress of our five truckers by visiting this site, where you can post notes of encouragement, send along tips or just read the inspiring stories.

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