Too hot for comfort

Carolyn Magner
[email protected]

Dear Carolyn,

My wife has recently lost a lot of weight and spiffed up her hair and wardrobe. I’m loving the new improved version, but I have to admit I’m not used to seeing other men stare at her. It’s really getting on my nerves. I’m proud of all she’s done, but I feel like starting a fight every time some guy starts looking at her. What can I do? I’m not used to feeling jealous.


Dear Pete,

Aw Pete, enjoy it! I assure you – she does.

I’m just say’n.

Dear Carolyn,

I met this trucker online and we’ve been e-mailing nonstop for about six months, sometimes up to a dozen times a day! I have to say, I’ve never felt this way about someone. He’s everything I’ve ever lookedfor in a guy. We were making plans to meet and basically planning a life together.

Suddenly, his e-mails started to drop off and then, without any explanation, he stopped writing to me. Just like that, it’s over.

I begged him to tell me what went wrong, but he’s not replied. What do you think happened? I keep imagining all kinds of scenarios: he’s got a fatal disease, he’s been kidnapped and murdered, he’s on the lam. What do you think I should do? Should I keep sending e-mails?


Dear Waiting,
I don’t know how to say this nicely, but you’ve been e-dumped. As great and wonderful as e-mail is, cyber-dumping is the cowardly way out of a relationship. It’s highly doubtful that he’s wasting away from a fatal disease, too ill to hit send. More likely, he’s moved on.
And I suggest you do the same.

I’m just say’n.

Dear Carolyn,

I know you are going to give me a hard time, but here goes anyway. I’m involved with two women at the same time. One is my wife. She’s a great person in many ways, but as the years have gone by and the kids have emptied the nest, we just don’t have that much in common. I respect her and she’s a good person, but we are basically just going through the motions. On the other hand, I’m very good friends with a woman that is the light of my life. She’s younger than me but very wise for her years. I know that I can’t be with her, but I’m having a hard time giving her up.

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Dear Ray,

Um, what is your question? I don’t see any questions in this letter. You are not asking me if you should leave the wife for the girlfriend, leave the girlfriend and stick with the wife, tell the wife, tell the girlfriend