The Alibi Man – by Tami Hoag

Reviewed by Margo Johnson
Owner-operator, Tri-State Expedite Services

Listening Time: 10 hours

Publisher: Random House Audio

Retail: $39.95

Genre: Mystery

Plot: It is the height of horse racing season, and all the “beautiful people” are in town. The difference this year is that a killer is loose among them – possibly a serial killer, and he is too close to Elena Estes for her comfort! Because Elena was at one time a detective on the local police force, it comes naturally for her to try to find out who is killing her friends before he comes after her. Elena realizes one of the beautiful people is a man she testified against years earlier for raping and beating a woman. Elena’s personal life gets tangled up with her hunt for the killer as she tries to decide if she is finally ready to get married. The harder she works on untangling things the more everything gets tangled together. The ending to this book is totally unexpected and makes it the best book I have read in months!

What was your favorite moment? My favorite moment in the book was when Elena let Alexi have it with everything she could get her hands on and was able to get away.

Which character was your favorite? My favorite character was Elena Estes. She knows what she wants, and she does not give up until she has accomplished everything she has set out to do.

Does the book have a message or theme? Listen to your heart and your instincts. When you least expect it, life happens.

What did you like or dislike? I liked the fact that the lead person never gave up, no matter what.

Would you recommend this book to friends? I have already recommended this to my daughter. Throughout the book, there are innuendos making you think each person is the guilty one. Just as quickly the author lets you know that person is innocent. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book.

Narrator’s style: The narrator Beth McDonald used her voice like an instrument giving you the right inflection for each suspect. You actually thought there were other people reading the different parts.

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How would you grade the book? This book is definitely an A+. It has just the right suspense and gives nothing away until it’s time!

Simple Genius – David Baldacci
The heroes of David Baldacci’s bestselling novels Split Second and Hours Game are back. Former Secret Service agents turned private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have seen their lives splinter around them. Michelle lies unconscious in a hospital bed after a night of suicidal violence. And Sean is forced to take on an investigation into the suspicious death of a scientist just inside the CIA’s razor-wire fence near Williamsburg, Va.

Soon he is uncovering layer after layer of disinformation that shields a world filled with elite mathematicians, physicists, war heroes, spies and deadly field agents. Amid more murder, a seemingly autistic girl’s extraordinary genius, and a powerful breakthrough in the realm of classified codes, Sean soon learns enough to put his life at risk. Now more than ever, he needs Michelle to help him catch a killer, save an innocent life and solve a terrifying mystery.
Abridged, 6 hours on 5 CDs
Random House Audio

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