The Choice – by Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed by Selena Brown
Company driver, Kennesaw Transportation

Listening Time: 9 hours
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Retail: $39.98
Genre: Romance

Plot: Gabby Holland feels guilty about a lot of things. She isn’t living her life like her mother wants her to. She’s not like her two sisters. She chose to be a physician’s assistant instead of a full-fledged doctor. She wanted to have a career that allowed her to make a living and still have time to do the living. She moved away from home to live close to the man she loves, who hasn’t asked her to marry him yet.

Then Molly, her Collie, becomes pregnant, and Gabby is infuriated at her next-door neighbor, Travis Parker, a veterinarian who lets his dog run all over the neighborhood. But after a fun-filled weekend with Travis, his childhood friends and his sister Stephanie, Gabby now feels guilty about which man to choose.

The second part of the book jumps ahead 11 years. After so many years of marriage and two daughters, is love still alive? Unfortunately, a choice has to be made. Gabby wonders if the choice was the right one or not.

What was your favorite scene? Parasailing and picnicking with Travis, his friends, their wives and children, Stephanie and Gabby. Nicholas Sparks writes in a way that you almost feel yourself there with them.

Which character was your favorite? Stephanie, Travis’ sister. She tells it like it is, even if it’s not what the other person wants to hear.

What was the book’s message or theme? Forks in the road, choices to make and what if