Audiobook Reviews: Untold tales

America’s Hidden History – by Kenneth C. Davis
Kenneth C. Davis presents a collection of extraordinary stories, each detailing an overlooked episode that shaped the United States’ destiny and character. Davis’ dramatic narratives set the record straight, busting myths and bringing to light little-known but fascinating facts from a time when the nation’s fate hung in the balance.

Spanning a period from the Spanish arrival in America to George Washington’s inauguration in 1789, America’s Hidden History explores these episodes, among others:

  • The story of the first real pilgrims in America, who were wine-making French Huguenots, not dour English Separatists.
  • The coming-of-age story of Queen Isabella, who suggested that Columbus pack the moving mess hall of pigs, which may have spread disease to many Native Americans.
  • The long, bloody relationship between the Puritans and Indians that runs counter to the idyllic scene of the Thanksgiving feast.
  • The little-known story of George Washington as a headstrong young soldier who committed a war crime, signed a confession and started a war.

Unabridged on CD
Random House Audio

The Finder – by Colin Harrison
When a beautiful young Chinese woman living in New York City named Jin Li agrees to take a car ride with two illegal Mexican women to Brooklyn late one night, little does she know that in minutes she’ll be running for her life. Jin Li is not exactly who she claims to be – and knows things she should not. The people desperately interested in her fate soon include a profane and aggressive hedge-fund billionaire; a sadistic goon who likes to spike people’s drinks with concoctions of his own devising; an outsize woman of capacious desires who owns a Brooklyn check-cashing operation; a talented, high-powered Manhattan executive with a very expensive problem he needs to hide; a ruthless criminal speculator in the Chinese stock markets; a brilliant NYPD detective lying on his deathbed; and, above all, Jin Li’s ex-boyfriend Ray, a quiet man with disturbing scars and a past he won’t discuss.
Unabridged on CD
Macmillan Audio

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