Introduced at the Great West Truck Show – Las Vegas:

GPS with Hazmat Routing
TeleType’s Commercial Truck WorldNav Portable GPS System is an advanced touch-screen GPS that ensures routes are suitable for truck travel, taking into account road restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, and load limits. The system also offers 10 levels of hazmat routing. It comes in two screen sizes – 3.5 inch and 7 inch diagonal, and it includes an mp3 and video player.
(800) 717-4478

U.S. Lube Oil and Diesel Treatments
The new U.S. Lube line of oil and diesel treatment products is now available at select truckstops, travel centers, parts stores and dealerships nationwide.

The product line, developed using advanced technologies, is now available at Petro Stopping Centers and Love’s Travel Centers coast to coast. U.S. Lube’s initial line of products – including products ranging from oil and fuel additives to an upper-cylinder lube and hub oil – is geared to the needs of professional, over-the-road drivers.

The company’s flagship product is U.S. Lube Oil Enhancer – an additive that raises oil pressure, improves engine power, and protects engine oil from heat and corrosion, the company says.
U.S. Lube
(877) US-LUBES

Speed Click Drain System
Eliminate messy oil changes with Femco’s new Speed Click No-Spill Drain Systems. All parts are made from solid brass and are guaranteed for life. Drain via gravity or suction using a straight or angled drainer. More than 500 sizes and thread combinations are available in three different styles (Standard, Speed Click and Compact).
Femco No-Spill Systems
(888) 466-7745

BioTrucker Fuel Card
The National Biodiesel Foundation’s BioTrucker Fuel Card highlights the availability of biodiesel with a network of truckstops that carry biodiesel. By using the card, owner-operators and fleets pay cash price on all fuel and no fuel transaction fee for biodiesel at in-network truck stops. In addition, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers (Peru, Ill.), Waddy Unocal 76 (Waddy, Ky.) and Drivers Truck Stop (Ft. Worth, Texas) are the first to offer a 2 cents per gallon discount at the pump for BioTrucker Fuel Card holders. The initial in-network list of 149 truckstops will continue to grow as more truckstops sell biodiesel and accept the BioTrucker Fuel Card.

The car also gives fleets and owner-operators easy access to cash advances and road-side assistance and discounts on repairs and tires. The card is accepted at 4,900 truck-accessible retail stations across the United States. Truckers and fleets can sign up for the card at and find all in-network locations.
National Biodiesel Foundation
(800) 841-5849

Quieter Frigette APU
Frigette’s 2008 model auxiliary power unit has new sound-dampening technology, an ultra-compact design and greater fuel efficiency, the company says. The step-box design provides 12,500 BTUs of air-conditioning, 10,000 BTUs of heating and 60 amps of battery charging power. The system also comes equipped with two duplex receptacles for convenient plug-ins to accommodate household appliances with no inverter required. Using a liquid-cooled, durable Kubota diesel engine, the APU’s hourly consumption is only 1/10 to 2/10 gallons per hour. Financing is available.
Frigette Truck Climate Systems
(817) 293-5313

FoxFire Portable Lights and EZ Step Ladder
Ms. Carita SafeTruck now offers the FoxFire line of portable LED lights. The premium lights are powered by four AA batteries in three functions – steady burn, strobe and off – and come with 26 super bright LEDs and magnifying lenses for a 360-degree viewing area. Two light-duty magnets are fitted to the back for stationary use only. For over-the-road use, two 90-pound Neo magnets are available. Foxfire lights are available in both red and amber.

The company also offers the TL400 EZ Step Truck Tire Ladder, a three-step ladder for drivers, mechanics and yard hands. The ladder makes getting up on a flatbed or the side of a dump trailer, working on an engine, or just cleaning the windshield easy and safer, the company said. It folds flat to 2 inches for quick storage and weighs 15 pounds.
Ms. Carita SafeTruck
(925) 243-1720

Cool Moves Cab-Cooling Products
Concord, Ontario-based Cool Moves’ Bycool Revolution Compact unit can be used with the engine on or off for deliveries, rest stops or overnight sleeping. The wall-mounted Bycool Mochila is designed to meet anti-idling laws and provide operator comfort in engine-off situations. Smaller units include the Minicool Compact, which provides 4,700 BTUs of cooling capacity, and the wall-mounted Minicool Dinamic, with 3,600 BTUs of cooling capacity.
Cool Moves

Hydrogen Fuel Generator
Green Future Technology introduced its hydrogen-on-demand generators for trucks. The Larkspur, Calif.-based company’s GFT Hydrogen Fuel Technology uses a new technology that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen to supplement either diesel or gas fuel. The technology, which uses distilled water with no chemical catalysts, reduces emissions, the company says.
Green Future Technology

New PowerCube APUs
The PowerCube is Tridako Energy Systems’ signature line of isolated, non-integrated auxiliary power units. With a choice of units powered by Kubota, Caterpillar and Isuzu motors, the line includes Tridako’s ThermoVap condenser/radiator unit located inside the case while pulling BTUs with the company’s FastAir component technology to heat and cool the cab area quick with sustained temperature levels.

The PowerCube SaddleMount tube frame chassis assures mounting durability, belt security and alignment, while supporting a host of high-performance components inside four powder-coated steel case skins that are separately removable, providing easy access to any service area, the company says. The PowerCube APU meets SAE J-1503 testing criteria for automotive products.
Tridako Energy Systems
(866) 526-7109

Fleet Engineers Fenders
Featuring sleek lines and an innovative hidden mounting system, Fleet Engineers’ new Spray Master fenders are half-tandem and double-radius injection molded fenders with integrally molded ribs on the underside of the fender to add a tremendous amount of strength and durability. End users will like being able to have the end mounts concealed, the company said. In addition, the installer will save time, as no holes need to be drilled in the fender.

In addition, two new Smooth Skin tandem fenders also join the company’s roster of products. Available in half and full sizes, the 430-gauge polished stainless steel fenders feature rolled outer edges in a tight radius for extra rigidity. Radius ends, the company says, drop down up to 4 inches farther than Fleet Engineers’ Standard Duty fenders.
Fleet Engineers
(800) 333-7890

Shell 5W-40 Motor Oil
Shell Lubricants’ new Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 heavy-duty motor oil offers significant improvements in wear protection, fuel economy, soot control, deposit control, heat resistance and protection in extreme climates, the company says. “In seven out of seven standard engine tests that measure wear, compared to the previous formulation, Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 has demonstrated an average of 34 percent improvement in wear (ranging from 2 percent to 90 percent), with substantially improved protection against cylinder liner wear,” says Walt Silveira, North American technical manager for Shell Lubricants. “This is a significant benefit when a truck is used for low-speed operations, such as hauling heavy loads.”

Through increased levels of high-performance, ashless chemistry that help keep soot particles separated, Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 protects against oil thickening caused by soot and other contaminants, the company says.

The motor oil’s formulation is compatible with exhaust after-treatment devices, such as diesel particulate filters, found on heavy-duty trucks built beginning in January 2007. The low-ash formulation helps control the rate of DPF blockage and potentially extends DPF maintenance intervals, the company says.

Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 also can help improve fuel efficiency up to 1 percent compared to conventional 15W-40 motor oil through decreased friction and by reducing the energy used to pump the motor oil through the engine, the company says.

Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 meets or exceeds the API CJ-4 requirements for Cummins CES 20081, Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-2, Detroit Diesel 93K218, Mack EO-O Premium Plus, Mercedes-Benz Approval 228.31 and Volvo VDS-4. It is also suitable for off-highway applications where 500 ppm diesel fuel is used.
Shell Lubricants

Redesigned Rolling Tarp System
Chameleon Transportation Systems of Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada, released its redesigned rolling tarp system for platform-style trailers. The new system has been designed with simplicity and aerodynamics in mind, the company says. Ground-operated front tensioning and rear adjustable locks are engaged in one step and do not interfere with the loading space. A new rear-door locking mechanism has been made easier to use. An integrated air deflector on the redesigned streamlined headboard optimizes aerodynamics to provide increased fuel economy.
Chameleon Transportation Systems

Super Kwik Patch Repairs Vinyl
AR Industries, a division of A&R Tarpaulins, has introduced a new line of Super Kwik Patch vinyl repair tape.

A&R is the exclusive Super Kwik Patch supplier in North America and is presenting this product after more than six months of experience with trucking customers using this super adhesive product for emergency on-the-road repairs for tarps and side curtains. Truckers’ feedback has been enthusiastic, the company says, partly because of its ease of use: just cut SKP to size, peel it and cover holes or tears in vinyl or other fabric.
A&R Tarpaulins
(909) 829-4444

Vulcan On-Board Scales
Vulcan’s new on-board dump truck weighing system complements an expanding line of on-board weighing systems. Benefits of the V300 axle weight system include maximizing every load while staying legal and saving time on loading. It is accurate to within 1 percent of gross vehicle weight, the company says.
Vulcan On-Board Scales
(800) 237-0022