2008 Great American Trucking Family: Miller Time

Members of the Miller family pictured are: (back, l-r) Carol Miller, Dennis Miller, Wilson Miller, Tommy Beltz, Greg Miller, Mike Miller, Josh Miller, Ryan Miller, (front) Denise Miller, Wanda Miller, Angie Miller, Leesa Miller, Lorie Miller, Jessica Miller, Jake Miller, Tonya Miller and Zack Miller.

Greg Miller chuckles as he remembers how he created his first long-haul job at his parents’ trucking company 34 years ago. Armed with youthful bravado and a chauffeur’s license that allowed him to haul primarily farm materials intrastate, the 18-year-old discovered one of his dad’s drivers continuously dumping the clutch of one of the company trucks that he was backing at the company garage. Greg’s parents – Wilson and Wanda Miller – were out of state on vacation at the time.

“I told him to quit abusing the equipment,” 52-year-old Greg recalls. “He didn’t stop, and I told him to clean out his truck. He told me I couldn’t fire him.” But Greg prevailed, firing the driver and taking the truck to Meadville, Penn., where he delivered the load and picked up a backhaul to the Wooster, Ohio, area.

“My dad didn’t say too much when he got home, but Mom read me the riot act,” Greg says.

Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit is shared by many members of his

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