Launching TNTV

John Randle
[email protected]

Most truckers have experienced that sickening feeling of missing a big event in the life of a son, daughter or spouse. The dance recital where you were delayed in a snowstorm; the baseball championship game where you were halfway across the country; the birthday parties, the Halloween trick-or-treat costume party and all the other special occasions you missed because you were out on the road. While photos are nice and a cell phone video can give a glimpse of an event, there’s now a better way to share special moments with your loved ones.

Truckers News is proud to announce Truckers News TV (, a partnership with MaxCast HD-TV to provide over-the-road haulers the ability to share videos in high resolution streaming with family and friends. It’s been especially designed for you and your family to be able to share your favorite memories privately and safely through password-protected Internet channels. TNTV is an inexpensive way to connect and build those treasured memories – if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless.

I know I’ve missed some big and small moments in my daughters’ lives while traveling for work. The videos I’ve been able to get on the road are poor quality, take a long time to buffer and generally just make me more homesick than I was before. Now, with crisp, high-resolution capability, I can retrieve footage of their special moments only minutes after they happen.

There’s no length restriction, and it’s easy to load the content right into your account. There are easy editing functions and lots of other bells and whistles. The free trial convinced me this was a good way to assure top-quality production with the privacy of a protected site. Photographs, video and audio clips are easily shared and require no advanced computer skills. Other features of TNTV include the capability to access your favorite cable and network television shows in the privacy of your cab. You can view videos from Google, CNN and dozens of other news websites along with keeping up with your favorite shows.

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While nothing beats being there in person, being able to participate in your family life via video is the next best thing. Sign up for a free 60-minute demo and see if this program is right for you. TNTV – what will they think of next?