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Thermo King’s new SB+ line of temperature control units for trailers was developed to help offset the growing challenges faced by those in the trucking industry: high fuel and operating costs and growing driver turnover, the company says. Each new unit includes OptiSet Plus, which makes choosing optimum unit settings simple for drivers and reduces errors. OptiSet Plus delivers optimum cargo protection and improved cargo quality, fuel savings when used along with the features of the SR-2 controller, maximum shelf life for fresh commodities, reduced shipper and driver errors, a library of more than 500 temperature-sensitive commodity profiles, the ability to install 64 profiles per unit and technology backed by research from food and agricultural industry experts, the company says.
Thermo King Corporation
(952) 887-2200

Step extender
Climbing into the back of a pickup truck or reaching high on RVs and SUVs can be awkward, especially for the vertically challenged. First Step Up! from Breezeway Screens is a high-strength, light-weight step extender that fits a 2-in. hitch receiver, giving users a safe boost up without the need to stretch and strain. For extra safety, First Step Up! is made of corrosion-proof, glass-reinforced nylon for exceptional strength and durability. Nonskid pads eliminate slipping hazard.
Breezeway Screens
(800) 548-4013

Dual tire tool
Goodine’s Dual Tire Tool has announced that its Valve Stem Cap Remover and Tire Thumper Tool are now available. Goodine’s Dual Tire Tool was designed by Guy Goodine, an independent owner-operator with 30 years driving experience, to be simple yet fully functional, the company says. The product provides the ability to remove the inner valve stem cap on any dual tire assembly with ease. Goodine’s Dual Tire Tool also is a convenient and practical tire thumper for drivers doing a walk-around vehicle check.
Goodine’s Dual Tire Tool
(888) 485-TOOL

Biodiesel fuel treatment
As diesel fuel costs soar, Penray’s line of year-round fuel-treatment products for biodiesel can help improve gas mileage while also helping truck engines run cleaner and greener, the company says. The Fuel Prep Year-Round Fuel Treatment and Pow-R Performance Diesel Fuel Enhancer both enhance lubricity, are ready for use in biodiesel and are ULSD compliant.

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In addition, the fuel prep additive:

  • Combats sludge formation and disperses exiting sludge in fuel tanks.
  • Combats bacterial and fungal growth and cleans injectors.
  • Prevents corrosion and prepares fuel tanks for winter conditions and storage.
  • Conditions less-stable diesel fuels by allowing them to burn cleaner and more completely.
  • Reduces accumulation of unburned carbon particles so engines stay cleaner.

The Pow-R Performance additive:

  • Boosts cetane values.
  • Stabilizes stored fuel, cleans injectors and decreases fuel consumption.

(800) 322-2143

Headlight restorer
Clear Solution Technologies has introduced its new Headlight Lens Restorer that will correct the problem of dingy headlights. The product is a coating with a UV stabilizer that will recondition a cloudy headlight to like-new condition in less than 30 minutes, the company says, and after reconditioning, your night vision will be significantly improved.
Clear Solution Technologies
(419) 438-8485

Electric cooling fan
SPAL has introduced AP90 High Output Series electric cooling fans to improve airflow in high static-pressure situations across the spectrum of diesel engine applications, including on- and off-highway heavy-duty vehicles, trucks and buses. Featuring a proprietary new curved blade design, the new fans are available in 11-in., 12-in. and 16-in. sizes.
(800) 345-0327

Accident-prevention camera
Mobile Awareness recently announced the release of VisionStat, a new series of industrial wired and wireless commercial vehicle camera systems. The camera systems are rugged and cost-effective, the company says, and they can be configured with up to four infrared, night-vision CCD cameras. All camera types (front-, side- and rear-mounting) are waterproof and produce high-resolution images. Advanced features of the 5.6-in. color monitor include a control interface embedded into the monitor enclosure, a built-in audio speaker, turn signal switching and multiple mounting methods. Designed with the same form-factor as the wired version, the wireless edition has an embedded 2.4 GHz radio for quality video image transmission.
Mobile Awareness
(866) 653-5036

LED directional lights
Del City introduces new LED directional lights with a self-contained strobe function rated to meet all SAE Class 1 vehicle requirements. They feature a self-contained electronic control, allowing you to wire the lights directly to a 12-volt power switch, saving you time and expense by avoiding the installation of a driver compartment control box, the company says. Two different mounting variations are available. The surface mount’s light allows installation on any flat surface, or choose the grommet-mount version to replace your existing oval directional lamps.
Del City
(800) 654-4757

Waterless hand cleaner
Permatex has introduced Ultra Cherry Pumice Hand Scrub, a professional-strength, waterless hand cleaner with natural pumice scrubbers, skin conditioners and a clean cherry scent. Made to tackle the toughest clean-up jobs, Ultra Cherry quickly powers out the heaviest grease, oil, tar and adhesive, the company says. Permatex Ultra Cherry’s finely ground pumice provides a deep-scrubbing action without irritating hands. Ultra Cherry does not use kerosene or phosphates and is compliant with federal regulations for VOCs.
(860) 543-7548

Camera brackets
ASA Electronics is proud to offer a pair of Voyager heavy-duty camera bracket assemblies – the VCCS130AB Arch-style Bracket and the VCCS130WB W Bracket. The Arch bracket is utilized to safely and securely mount a Voyager rear-observation camera above the center brake light. This bracket keeps the camera out of the way of obstacles, such as roll-up or swing-out doors, and eliminates the glow of the brake light from appearing on the observation monitor image in the cab. The W bracket also offers a sturdy mount for the Voyager rear camera and protects it from exterior elements such as branches, loading dock awnings and other obstructions.
ASA Electronics
(800) 688-3135

Extension mirror
Valley offers Extension Tow Mirror #53900 to fit pickup truck, SUV and van mirrors between 4 in. and 11 1/2 in. tall. The mirror features a 5-in. by 7 1/2-in. oval face for a wide rear view. Sold in single packs only, the mirrors feature the superior quality construction and design inherent to all of the company’s industry-leading hitches and towing accessories, the company says.
(800) 344.3112

Vehicle power management system
The new Chargeguard Select model from Ledco-Chargeguard adds new features, including more selectable sensing modes; improved high- and low-voltage surge protection with a new voltage diagnostic LED to indicate voltage problems; protected terminals; easier setting of timeout delay switches; and MIL-STD 810F compliance. In addition to being the standard vehicle power management system for emergency vehicles, the new Chargeguard Select also is applicable for use in any vehicle that is reliant on radios, mobile electronics, computers and GPS navigation systems, such as boats, trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment and military vehicles.
(7340 656-4132

Truck tire changer
Hunter Engineering’s TCX640HD heavy-duty truck tire changer is designed to meet the specific needs of shops servicing heavy-duty trucks, buses, tractors and other specialized equipment to make service faster, easier and more profitable, the company says. The efficient electro-hydraulic-powered motor runs only when the tire changer is in use to reduce associated costs. The heavy-duty spindle head supports up to 3,500 lbs. and works in unison with the universal clamping system to handle rims up to 46 inches in diameter or 56 inches with optional accessories. All spindle and wheel carriage operations are directed from a single control box mounted to a movable pedestal that can be positioned anywhere around the tire changer for maximum safety and visibility of operations.
Hunter Engineering
(314) 731-3020

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