The gratitude list

John Randle
[email protected]

I’m the kind of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions. I neatly type them up and then, sometime in the summer, I find the list and wonder, what the heck was I thinking?

Last year, instead of making a to-do list, I made a gratitude list and will continue that tradition for 2009. Many blessings on last year’s list have multiplied this year, including the exciting news that my wife and I will welcome our third child into the family this summer. Other good news is that I’ve continued to eat healthier foods and add regular exercise to my routine. I’m grateful for the health benefits I’ve enjoyed from losing excess pounds.

On the trucking front, I’m grateful fuel prices keep dropping and that there’s still a truck-driving job for most qualified drivers. I’m glad the industry is taking note of the effect driving has on the health of drivers. The renewed interest in improving our country’s infrastructure comes as good news for all of us as politicians and voters finally begin to pay attention to what truckers have been saying about congestion and road conditions.

Finally, I appreciate the numerous letters and emails from Truckers News readers who write to say they are taking steps to improve their health and fitness so they can be safer, healthier and more professional drivers. Many say they were inspired by our spotlight on drivers who have made diet and fitness changes. Recognizing these accomplishments helps others take their first steps in the right direction. I know it helped me, and I’m grateful for that.

Gratitude can take many forms, and one way we like to give back to our readers is by recognizing your outstanding accomplishments. That’s why we are asking you to help nominate truckers for consideration to become the next Great American Trucking Family.

We’re looking for multi-generational and extended trucking families. The selection criteria are based on the overall character and quality of the family and how they work through their differences, support each other and celebrate their successes. With your nominations, we get to look at a wide range of applicants with a variety of interests and talents. Please take the time to drop us a note about your trucking family. Who knows, the spotlight could shine on you this year!

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Happy New Year from the Truckers News staff to you. We are truly grateful for your support of our publication and pledge our continued best effort to bring you the news, lifestyle and business features and product information you need to have a happy, healthy and profitable trucking year.