Warranty program

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America’s Diamond Gard is a new warranty program that pays for parts and labor resulting from any mechanical failures to its heavy-duty aftermarket starters and alternators. It covers products sold throughout North America. Diamond Gard is a no-fault, manufacturer’s limited warranty. Coverage is available on any Mitsubishi Electric aftermarket “all makes” program starter or alternator sold prior to the launch date that falls within the standard Mitsubishi warranty period of three years.
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America

Flexible fairing
Windyne’s Flex fairing offers adaptability and fuel savings, the company says. The proprietary horizontal telescoping feature allows the rear panels to accommodate the forward and rearward movement of the trailer tandems, keeping the aerodynamic performance optimized regardless of tandem position. The proprietary vertical lifting feature provides the greatest ground clearance and under-trailer access of any fairing currently available, the company says. The flexible skirt finishing the bottom features 12 inches of the Windyne Flex fairing, allowing the fairing to travel within 4 inches of the road, yet does not prohibit the driver from maneuvering over everyday driving obstacles such as driveway entrances, railroad crossings or street curbs.
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No-idle interior heating system
The Autotherm No Idle Vehicle Interior Heating System, offered through International dealers as both an aftermarket retrofit solution for existing vehicles or as a factory option on new medium-duty trucks, is CARB and EPA classified as a non-emitting vehicle interior heating system. Its trademarked “Get Green With Autotherm” carries the double meaning of environmental compliance and friendliness and exceptionally quick return on investment for users of this non-fuel-burning, non-emitting and maintenance-free vehicle interior heating system.
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Xantrex Technology’s Xantrex Freedom HW 1000 Inverter/Charger is designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers of towable RVs, small motorhomes and commercial vehicles including heavy-duty trucks. It offers clean and quiet useable power without having to run a gas-powered generator or idle an engine to operate appliances on board a vehicle. The product provides all of the necessary alternating current (AC) power for users to operate various electronic devices, power tools, small appliances and other devices. The Xantrex Freedom HW 1000 weighs 10 pounds and provides 1000 watts of AC power. The Freedom HW 1000 includes a microprocessor-controlled 55-amp charger and a detachable remote that can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle for easy operation. It also meets UL458 standards.
Xantrex Technology
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Emergency tool
The 4-in-1 SafetyStick Emergency Tool & Flashlight is a multi-faceted tool that can provide important aid after a breakdown or accident. The patented SafetyStick includes: a strong-beamed flashlight that can be used for many purposes in and outside the vehicle; flashing red LED strobes to alert oncoming motorists to an emergency situation ahead; a handy seatbelt cutter that is sharp enough to slice through any seatbelt in seconds yet is designed to prevent any injury to the user; and a steel pointed hammer-like tip that is designed to shatter any window with just a tap to allow emergency exit. The SafetyStick also sports a magnetic bottom that allows a driver to attach the unit to the side of a car or truck to alert oncoming traffic. The 4-in-1 SafetyStick sells for $18.95.
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Routing software
Rand McNally’s RouteTools software is a routing, mileage and business-management solution that allows professional drivers to plan routes on truck-drivable roads, navigate using detailed route itineraries, integrate fueling stops and calculate precise mileage for accurate billing and fuel-tax reporting.
RouteTools generates trips based on user-defined truck configuration to help avoid hefty fines. Rand McNally’s GIS experts and cartographers draw on the company’s own proprietary data, which is then enhanced from a variety of sources to equip drivers with specific, truck-drivable routing, the company says, and the result is reliable point-to-point mapping and routing for the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The software also features detailed descriptions of almost 6,000 truckstop locations and their amenities.
Rand McNally

Spring breaks and service chambers
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems now offers the Gold Seal and Life Seal spring brakes and service chambers with the OEM-specified welded clevis pushrod assembly. These new models come with the clevis welded to the pushrod and in the exact pre-set position used in a new vehicle production. They come in both standard stroke and long stroke.
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