Flag Mounting System

The Liberty Vehicle Flag Pole System has been designed to exceed the demands required for placing flags on vehicles moving at speeds of more than 80 mph. The kit was designed to properly match the quality and styling of the vehicles it is installed on with attractive details and quality components, the company says. It adjusts up or down to accommodate flags from 2- to 4-feet high and also features a 360-degree rotation system that keeps your flag from ever wrapping the pole. The 1-inch diameter flagpole, universal mounting socket receiver and rotation system are manufactured from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel that has been polished to a mirror shine. All aluminum fittings have been hand polished and plated with RealGloss, an environmentally friendly and more durable alternative to chrome. The Liberty can be purchased with or without the heavy-duty double-sewn polyester 3-by-5-foot American flag.

Coolant Filter
Penray’s NF2096 Need-Release Extended Service Coolant Filter for Mack and Volvo engines is designed for Mack MP7 and MP8 and Volvo D11, D13 and D16 engines. The NF2096 fixes coolant problems, diminishes concerns about top-off fluids and repairs organic acid and extended life flaws, the company says. It also eliminates the need to drain, flush and refill the system. It’s compatible with all conventional, extended-life, long-life, OAT, NOAT, HOAT, GO-5 and automotive coolants, as well as with all colors of coolant, including pink, fuchsia, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and clear.
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Expense-Tracking Tool
Eagle Capital, an accounts receivables factoring company with deep roots in the transportation industry, has introduced a new tool that helps truckers manage their business by tracking expenses by month, by year and by mile. The Eagle Cost Calculator is accessible and free to everyone. Users don’t have to be an Eagle client or enter any personal information to use it. The application will always be free online, the company says. With the click of a button, users have their business financials in black and white. Most importantly, output reports list how much truckers must earn per mile to cover their costs.
Eagle Capital Corporation
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Anti-Siphon Device
Paccar Parts recently introduced the Acrafit anti-siphon device to help heavy-duty truck operators and fleets prevent their profits being siphoned off by fuel thieves. The Acrafit device’s patented design ensures maximum security, easy installation and rapid fueling, the company says. The aftermarket part is installed in the neck of the fuel tank. Its one-piece construction, with openings no larger than a quarter inch, keeps thieves from reaching the diesel fuel with large-diameter siphon tubes. The entire line of anti-siphon products includes various sizes to fit all major OEM fuel tank applications and comes with a 10-year, unlimited mileage

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