Living Legend

Richard Petty’s Audio Scrapbook
It’s a name that’s been synonymous with NASCAR and winning for more than 50 years. “King” Richard Petty holds the career record for victories, Top 5 finishes, starts and pole positions. Now Petty’s teamed with Audiobook Publishing to make this four-disc audio scrapbook, where he sits down with Hall of Fame announcer Barney Hall to share stories of everything from the early days to the modern era. Petty’s longtime crew chief Dale Inman provides commentary, and Lynda Petty, Junior Johnson, Bobby Allison and David Pearson all make guest appearances. Expect some action, too, as you’ll hear some of the most exciting race calls of Petty’s career.
Approximately 4 hours on 4 CDs
Audiobook Publishing
$29.95, or autographed for $43.43

Drood By Dan Simmons
Drood is partly based on events from the end of the life of famed author Charles Dickens. Drood was the name and nightmare that haunted Dickens for the last five years of his life.

Dickens and his mistress were secretly returning to London in 1865 when their train hurtled over a gap in a trestle; all the first-class carriages except theirs were smashed to bits in the valley below. Dickens descended to the valley to confront the dead and the dying, and his life was forever changed. In the years that followed, he all but gave up writing, becoming obsessed with crypts, cemeteries and the precise length of time it would take a corpse to dissolve in a lime pit.

Then he began writing The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which would have been his last great work – if he had finished it.
Abridged, Approximately 10.5 hours on 9 CDs
Hachette Audio

The Turnaround By George Pelecanos
It happened in 1972 on a hot summer day. Three teenagers drove into an unfamiliar neighborhood and forever changed six lives. Thirty-five years later, two survivors are responding in different ways – one reaching out and opening a door that could lead to salvation and the other, with a burning need for retribution, seeking any way to claim reparation.

The Turnaround is written by New York Times best-selling author George Pelecanos and is a story of fathers and sons, wives and husbands, loss, victory and violent redemption. The story’s narration is a special treat, too, as Dion Graham of HBO’s The Wire brings it to life.
Approximately 6 hours on 5 CDs
Hachette Audio

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