Musical Roots

WTI driver makes good on Mexican heritage

Jose G. Hernandez may have left his home country of Mexico 21 years ago, but he has never let his heritage leave him. Growing up in a little town inside Matamoros in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, Hernandez began building on his musical roots at an early age.

“I would play guitar in church and with other people,” he says. “I didn’t really become interested in the guitar until I was around 14 years old.”

Hernandez, 39, lives in Corinth, Miss., with his wife and three children and drives for WTI Transport. He says he enjoys playing the guitar in his off time and sharing his Spanish style with his children. “My two daughters are both in their school bands,” he says. “I have been teaching my middle daughter Melissa to play the guitar. I want all my children to listen to the Spanish style of guitar and be reminded of my roots.”

Upon moving to the United States, Hernandez worked on a farm for 12 years. His trucking journey began in 2005 when his wife Norma encouraged him to step outside his comfort zone.
“The job has improved our family’s economic situation to a point where we can now live comfortably and provide for each other’s needs,” he says. “Being a trucker teaches you how to grow up like a man and makes you more responsible for things in the world. For that, I am very thankful.”

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