West Virginia eyes idling limits, tolls

The West Virginia Legislature is considering bills that would limit truck and bus idling, allow tolling beyond the state turnpike and bring state commercial driver license laws into federal compliance.

A bill, SB 183, would restrict idling to five minutes in any hour for trucks and buses weighing more than 10,000 pounds, but allow for some exceptions. Fines would range from $150 to $300. Many states and municipal governments have idling limits for diesel vehicles, ranging from three to 15 minutes.

The bill was sent to the state Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Jan. 13.
The Legislature is reviewing identical bills that would allow the Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority the power to make some of the state’s new or existing roads toll roads. The bills were introduced at the request of Gov. Joe Manchin.

SB 427 was sent to Senate Government Organization Feb. 1 while HB 4279 was sent to House Finance Committee Feb. 2.

Finally, legislators are considering similar bills that would bring the state CDL law into compliance with federal law. SB 441 went to the House Roads and Transportation Committee Feb. 8 and SB 396 was sent to Judiciary Committee Feb. 3.

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