Rand McNally unveils Intelliroute TND 700

Rand McNally today, March 25, announced the launch of the IntelliRoute TND 700, a new truck GPS device with a 7-inch state-of-the-art high-definition screen and enhanced software features.

The company says the new device provides greater mapping detail at each zoom level, a larger viewing screen, additional Trucker Business Tools, enhanced features and 363,000 data updates.

“Rand McNally is committed to providing innovative technology and location-based information to drivers and fleets,” said Dave Muscatel, chief executive officer of Rand McNally. “The IntelliRoute TND 700, with its larger high-definition screen size, will enhance the in-cab navigation experience providing for greater ‘glanceability,’ as well as a quick, thorough understanding of the road ahead.”

Rand McNally says the IntelliRoute TND 700, like the IntelliRoute TND 500 unit launched last year, was developed from the ground up for professional truck drivers. Tested extensively by professional drivers on the road, the IntelliRoute TND 700 unit includes louder-than-normal speakers, custom-designed mounting features such as an oversized suction cup and extra-long cable, and a suite of specialized Trucker Business Tools to assist drivers in managing the business aspects of trucking.

Many of the new and improved features in the IntelliRoute TND 700 were developed as a direct result of driver feedback, according to the company. The IntelliRoute TND 700 includes two new Trucker Business Tools:

• Notepad – Drivers can type out a quick note such as “Call Dock with ETA 15 miles out” or “Good parking availability”;

• Calendar – Drivers can reference the day, week and month with a built-in calendar.

These features are accessed easily and used with an oversized stylus provided with the unit to extend reach in the cab. Enhancements to current features include access to POIs such as truckstops, rest areas and retail locations, with just a few clicks.

Advance notification now is available for Norpass and Prepass availability at weigh stations. Border crossings can be preset to prohibit routing across country borders. Multistop routing has been improved to include on-the-fly and additional stopovers.

“The 700 series unit includes over 363,000 data updates derived from users of the IntelliRoute TND 500 ‘Tell Rand’ feedback feature as well as proprietary research from Rand McNally,” said Danny Sack, senior product manager of Rand McNally. “Accurate truck-specific road data and restrictions help avoid accidents and substantial fines, improve asset utilization and arrival times, and keeps insurance costs down for drivers.

The IntelliRoute TND 700 has a suggested retail price of $499 and will be available at truckstops nationwide. For more information, go to www.randmcnally.com/truckgps.