Truckers Compete for ‘Carhartt Tough’ Title

Shingle hauler John Irish

Local truck drivers John Irish, of West Allis, Minn., and Bubba Peters, of Seattle, Wash., are being recognized for being tough on the job by being named two of the 12 finalists in the national Are You Carhartt Tough? Contest.

Irish hauls and delivers shingles to buildings one to four stories high, carrying “51,000 pounds per day” of shingles to rooftops, he says in his contest entry. Peters, a tow-truck driver, works long shifts to ensure drivers stay safe in freezing temperatures; he has before helped tow dangling buses off a bridge to prevent them from dropping to the freeway below. Thanks to his actions, according to his contest entry, only 11 of the 80 bus passengers were taken to hospital, where they were treated “with minor injuries from debris and flying glass.”

Tow-truck driver Bubba Peters

The voting for the Carhartt contest is online through Feb. 28. Two grand prize winners will be selected based on the public’s votes.

The contest is in conjunction with Carhartt’s new partnership with Cintas Corporation, which recently rolled out its exclusive Carhartt Rental Workwear line. Ducks Unlimited serves as a sponsor for the contest, and grand prizes include a weekend duck hunt trip or a trip for two to the Stihl Timbersports Series in 2011.