Truck driver helps capture suspect

A U.S. Xpress driver on March 10 chased and subdued a man police say tried to attack a woman in a retail parking lot in Kokomo, Ind.

South Bend, Ind.-based trucker Brendon Finn was making a delivery at a Dollar General store when he heard screams from a woman struggling to escape from a man. Finn told a Kokomo TV station he chased the man for a few blocks before grabbing him in a field. “I kind of put my knee down on his back and held him down with his hands behind his head until the officer was able to come up and put him in handcuffs,” said Finn, who has been driving for the carrier for about nine months on a dedicated run.

The suspect, Steven Newville, has been charged with confinement and battery, local media reported. The 33-year-old victim suffered minor injuries.

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