Increased business opens up owner-operator opportunities

Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking currently have more than 250 owner-operators behind the wheel and are looking to add more. Our business model is unique because owner-operators really are small business owners, whether they currently own a tractor or want to purchase one. Our financing program is a true purchase plan with a reasonable down payment and favorable interest rate.

Owner-operators are compensated based on Rand McNally Practical Route miles. Our fuel surcharges and fuel discounts keep fuel cost at or below $1.20 per gallon. The fuel surcharge is also paid using practical route loaded miles. In addition to available medical, dental, vision, short term disability, life and other insurance plans, we offer access to the Bridgestone National Tire Purchase Program, a tractor re-license credit, detention pay as soon as we invoice the customer, and an IRA Program with contributions made by the company on your behalf to help you save for the future.

Contact us at 800-998-2221 or apply online at