Looking for Mr. Perfect

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Dear Carolyn,

My best friend thinks I should break up with my boyfriend. She makes good points about all his bad points. But she never mentions anything about his good qualities. I’m starting to wonder about her motivation. Lately, I’ve been thinking she might have her eye on him!

What do you think?


Dear Kate,

This is reason #272 why you should not depend on BFF’s for relationship advice.

If you have the “feeling” that all is not as it seems, pay attention to those vibes. Everyone has bad points. What you have to determine is; do his good qualities outweigh his negative ones? I would focus on the relationship with your boyfriend before you make any big decisions based on your girlfriend’s opinion.

As for your BFF?  Gently suggest she look for her very own Mr. Perfect. That ought to keep her busy!

I’m just say’n,